Wyze Video Doorbell Pro - For everything out there! 10/19/21

Yep, no local storage, no deal. I was initially excited to see the announcement of the Pro as I’d skipped 1st gen for that reason, and I’d hoped they’d added to the new one. Nope.

Also, with the hard-wired option, I wonder if it will be able to keep the battery charged in cold weather. I live in the midwest where it can get below zero in the winter. I tried a Ring 2 for a while with the hard-wired option so I didn’t have to charge the battery, and it worked fine as long as it was above about 30 degrees outside. but once it got cold the charging couldn’t keep up with the drain on the battery and the battery ran out within a few weeks.

To clarify, at least on the Ring and I’m guessing how this Wyze Doorbell Pro will work, is that even with the hard-wire option the doorbell doesn’t run on the hard-wire. It still runs on the battery and the hard-wire is used purely to charge the battery.

In regard to using the existing chime, I do understand the desire for this, and I have that desire too, but I also understand that this isn’t as easy to do as the typical person thinks it is. It requires some internal circuitry and would add cost to the doorbell to implement. I can live without it to keep the cost down.

Even the newest Ring low-cost hard-wired version doesn’t support using the original wired chime. They stripped that feature to save cost on the doorbell.

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Probably because their product manager isn’t listening to their customers.


LOL! That’s funny.

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I cant tell you the number of times that a camera with CamPlus has missed things, but I was able to go view video on the SD card and get “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey used to say.

I will not purchase products that require a subscription, period.

Having said that, I can see why the doorbell has no SD card option if it runs on a battery, would consume too much power.


The product needs SD storage on the chime unit or on some other inside device, so that the card is not accessible outside the house. Until such exists, I will not be a buyer.


No subscription required is a lie if there is no local storage, unless it comes with free lifetime cam plus. The doorbells are basically unusable as doorbells without cam plus because they do not have any local storage capabilities. This was a complaint about the first wyze doorbell, and you have not made any updates to make this less of a complaint in this version.


For free, without a subscription, you still get 12 second clips and can get notifications any time motion is detected and you can still view the live feed, not to mention get notifications when someone rings the doorbell.

That said, I’m also not buying it without local storage. Even with CamPlus, it still only records when motion is detected. It just records longer than that the 12 seconds you get without CamPlus. But I want “always” recording and you don’t get that even with CamPlus.

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A 12 second clip with a 5 minute timeout on a doorbell is useless.


yes! this! a V3 with a button on it. that is exactly what i want… still preordered one because my Ring Pro is almost unusable. constantly glitches and can’t get a good connection ¯_(ツ)_/¯

you can post process fish eye … it been done on other cameras for last 7+ years


It looks good to me. My biggest concern is it seems to be stealable easily? Anybody can just hack it off & reuse for personal and look at recorded video on SD card. Not exactly well-security here. What do you think?

no sd card to look at so i guess you don’t have to worry about that…

The “stealing” part is true of any smart doorbell. If somebody wants it bad enough they can just rip it off the wall. That’s nothing unique to the Wyze doorbell.

Not sure I care if they see the video on the SD card on a doorbell (if the doorbell had one). It’s just my front door which is in public view anyway. There shouldn’t be anything terribly private on it.

My home is very connected and automated. For the front door I use a WyzeCam version 3 in the corner of front porch. I have it connected to our Amazon Echo Show 5 which is wall mounted and it will alert us and show when someone is at the front door. Also it alerts our smarts watches so we know when there is a person or package at the front door. No need for the doorbell because everyone knows we know when they arrive because we get notified. Also strangers can knock the door.
With the WYZE Cam version 3 we have local storage, and have subscribed to the cloud and feel it is better than the dorobell option since the WYZE doorbell has no local storage in case of an internet glitch/outage,

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does anyone know when they will get stock on this? Looking at this for a Christmas gift but I have no idea when they will actually have it available.

Personally not for me unless they stop pushing CamPlus and start making products that work properly with local storage again. But I will say my local a Home Depot had tons of them for BF. You might try them if there’s one near you.

On the Youtube video today they said these just shipped, so hopefully we get them soon! :slight_smile:




Fisheye allows me to see people and packages I couldn’t see with the old doorbell. But people and packages are why I want a video doorbell, I don’t use it to photograph sunsets.

I expected this device to have an SD card slot available and purchased it with the intention of using local storage. I mistakenly assumed all wyze cams would have local storage. Given that there’s no local storage available on the Wyze doorbell pro, maybe it’s time Wyze investigate the possibility of using a NAS with the doorbell.

The main thing they are trying to avoid is a battery-powered camera being awake full time. This one, like the Outdoor Camera, only wake when something approaches their PIR sensors.