Wyze Video Doorbell interferes with Chamberlain garage door opener

The answer may ber here:

I’ve recently installed the Wyze doorbell and have noticed the same issue with my Craftsman garage door opener.

I’ve been able to fix the issue however by extending the antenna dangling from the opener itself with a longer wire. Now the opener works as it did before. Not sure if this fix would transfer to your opener but for $5 worth of materials it’s worth a shot.

Did you remove the existing wire and replace with another? How long? Any special wire?

Many thanks

No removal of the existing antenna, everything I did was not invasive at all. Basically I just found the thin wire antenna and stripped off 1/2-3/4” of the insulation at the end of the antenna, took similar gauge wire and twisted them together and covered the connection with heat shrink. Ran the wire across the ceiling towards the front of the garage, approximately extending the antenna another 10-15’ and reception is back to where it was before if not better. Follow this YouTube link for a visual, not mine but very helpful. Hopefully it helps.


Extending the receiver wire was so much easier and cheaper than other solutions would have been. I went from having to be right in front of the garage door to it working from a few houses away. Thanks @456 !