Wyze Video Doorbell Firmware Beta Test 7/12/2021

I believe this upcoming FW is supposed to fix the quick response issue.

My video doorbell is not announcing on my Amazon echo devices. My other cameras work fine with them but the doorbell. I can view the camera and that is it. Customer service said to ask you guys. I use the Alexa’s to announce to the entire house when the doorbell rings and now it can only be herd outside the house which is useless. Please help me fix it. And no there is not anything wrong with the Alexa devices, just the doorbell. Thanks.

Have you tried removing it within the Alexa app under the devices tab, then reinstalling it?

Yes. It did not fix it.

same on google hub

Not sure how you have it set up however, I do not use the “Doorbell Press Announcement” in the device itself. I use a routine which is triggered on press of the doorbell. I can then customize what it will say.

Have you tried it this way? I don’t have any issues by doing it this way.

I also have no connection on my google hub. V2 and V3 cameras can be viewed on the hub.

Guessing the new update won’t allow viewing in the hub anymore.

Do you announcements still work?

I tried that and it still doesn’t make any sounds on the Alexa devices. No mater how I set it up?

I’m having issues with the doorbell announcements on Alexa as well with Android 2.23.21 and FW I have the doorbell press announcement turned on which has worked in the past. Which app version and doorbell FW are you using?

Just tested my Doorbell with the following:

  1. Routine created to announce what I want the message to be when the doorbell is pressed
  2. toggled the Announce button pressed option for the default announcement.

Neither of the announcement worked, tried them independently and together.

Android app version: v2.23.21
iOS app version: v2.23.23
Doorbell FW version: 4.25.0,267
Log submitted for review: 275270

The Doorbell chime is working and the sound from the doorbell itself works. Just the Alexa Announcements are not working.

It should be noted that I am testing the Alexa integration with the Wyze Robot Vacuum. However, I disabled the Beta/Test Skill and am running the Production Wyze Skill in Alexa.


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