Wyze Video Doorbell Firmware Beta Test 11/15/2021

I beta test the apps and FW and occasionally run into issues. However, there currently is no Beta App for Android. I have 2.26.22. However, Sign-up for the Beta by going here: Become a Beta Tester. Once you sign-up, you can start the App, go to Account, About, then Beta Program. From there you click the edit at the Top Right and check the boxes of the devices you want to test the FW on. Make sure you save and back out.
Once you selected the Items you wish to beta test, go back to account then Firmware Updates and you should see it there. Otherwise, go to the actual device and you should be prompted with a FW update.

Note, since there is no Beta for Android, you may have to Uninstall and then Reinstall after you signed up for the Beta App.

As a side note, you can Join and Leave the Beta Program as you wish. But the FW updates will not automatically roll back. you will need to do a manual roll back or wait until the next Production FW update is available.

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Hi, I’m new to beta testing. I want to beta test my doorbells. I signed up and updated 1 doorbell. I have 2 doorbells but only one offered the update. I wanted both. Is there a limit? Thanks.

Welcome to the community @Skimour . I am also a beta tester.

There is no limit. This happens from time to time. Have you tried going into the VDB, settings and see if it prompts for an update? Or are you trying from the Firmware Update area under Account menu choice?

Thanks for the reply, I have tried both VBD and the account. No update available on either. The 1 VBD I updated was through the account.

I added my V3 cam to beta and it instantly showed an update available in account. So I am doing this right.

Yea, sounds like it. I have a couple which took a day or so to see an update. Are you sure it hasn’t been updated automatically?

Here is a screen shot.

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You may have to wait for a bit so that other VDB will see an update and then load it.

@R.Good , do you have any other suggestions to get the Beta FW loaded on the second VDB?

Not much more from what I have read, but… You could always try goosing the device list.

Go into the devices you are beta testing, uncheck all, close the app completely via force stop, relaunch the app, recheck th devices you want to beta test, close the app, relaunch and see if you get a beta update on your device. Try both ways, from the FW menu or by directly calling up the device.

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Hi, sorry, how do I get on the beta to try out VOIP?

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I unchecked all, left beta, deleted the app. Installed app, joined beta, checked multiple devices and my V2 and V3 showed up beta available, still No VDB beta available on 1 of 2.

So weird. Not critical. I have given up to be honest and have opted out completely from beta.

:point_down: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks I am a beta tester already, but didn’t get/don’t have an invite for this?!

OK, thanks, I’m an idiot. All online and working, Thanks team

An update on my issue. I saw there was another beta fw update. Tried again. My issue is resolved.

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aaand it’s broken again… Error (code 05)

How do I provide direct feedback for this beta?

My doorbell pro is not connecting via my cellular network? I can view all my other cameras and also the doorbell pro recordings, but it won’t connect ‘live’?

This Beta is closed, v4.25.0.313 (above the that was announced above) has been released for the standard Video Doorbell.

As for the Pro you speak of, are you really trying to connect it via the cellular network? Normally they would be via WiFi?

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OK, thanks, I mean via the app!

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