Wyze Video Doorbell Firmware and Wyze Video Doorbell Pro Firmware 1.0.64 Released! - 3/30/22

Ive also seen a lag from when something passes the door cam to when i get the notification. Two versions ago, it was within a second or two. Now sometimes its 10 to 30 seconds. What to do, what to do.

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So lately, my door bell would go offline. I would have to unplug the power and plug it back in and it would connect. In all cases, the first time i try to connect it would fail. Touch the refresh symbol then it connects. Is there a way to roll back like 2 versions? It used to be issue free and now im not confident each time i open the app that the camera will connect. It doesnt even look like developers are putting this as a priority since i havent heard or seen any updates to remedy these issues. I need a device that is consistent and solid. I need that peace of mind. Is something in the works or is this a dead issue and i need to find a different product?

Can we get a fix for the loading issue… It basically makes the doorbell unusable. Can’t connect to even see who’s at the front door fast enough before they are gone.

It’s been 3 months, is this even being worked on at this point?

Just an FYI, if youre waiting for a response thru this forum, i doubt youll get any. Go into your app, submit a log and in the details put everything youre going thru. Theyll get back to you since theyll have your email. You paid for a product and it needs to work. They got back to me eventually and in the end, they sent me another door bell. I havent installed it yet but when i do, i sure hope it works flawlessly. Good luck to you.

I agree. Wyze has always replaced the product for me when they can’t find a sollution to make it work. It is too bad they can not find better ways to solve or eliminate these problems.