WYZE Video Doorbell connectivity issues

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a WYZE video doorbell. Installation was easy did not have any issues. It connected to my network with no problem and everything seems to work fine for maybe the first hour of having the camera on. All of a sudden I cannot live view at all, goes through step 1 then 2 and then just stays on step 3. Sometimes it goes through all the steps and I get a black screen with a time stamp. The doorbell functions and detects motion like it is supposed to, BUT I go to view the motion videos and those do not work either. I get error codes 5 and 6. I have 3 other WYZE Cam outdoors and those have worked fine without any issues. I have reset the doorbell, hard reset it by taking it off the mount, I updated everything, restarted the app and my phone, I logged in and logged out, cleared the Cache, I logged into my router, found the doorbell’s IP address and made it a top priority on my network. NOTHING HAS WORKED. Has anyone had any luck fixing this thing?

I loss door bell internet connection when it is exposed to direct sunlight. The components fail due to high temperatures. I put a shade above the doorbell and it resolved the connection problem, but the shade blocks half of the camera view. WYZE has to harden the components for outdoor environments.