Wyze Video Doorbell - Battery

According to the FAQ, the doorbell is hardwired only. But does anyone have a solution for someone without a hard wire? Would be cool if I could rig something up to make it work since I pre-ordered and don’t have a hard wire connection. Worst case scenario I give it away as a gift.

Run the wire ,Hook this up to your doorbell , plug it in :slightly_smiling_face:


You could run the wire straight to your doorknob. Then it becomes an anti solicitation device.


Thanks, this seems like a solid solution. I’ll have to look at how to run the wire from inside to the doorbell but I think it will work.

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:joy: :rofl:

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It would be cool to see the shocking expression on their face :rofl:

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The following is one possible solution…even for people who don’t have doorbell wires by their door, basically everyone has a light for their porch.

I got some of these to allow me to plug V2 cams into my lights (porch lights, flood lights, etc):

Screw Socket into 2 Polarized Outlet

If you plug one into your porch light, then you can run an AC plug to the Doorbell.

There are some smaller than these, I chose these because you get 4 of them at a really low price compared to most others.

You will have to leave the porch light on 24/7, so that the doorbell has continual power. So you have a few different options for that.

  1. Just leave the light on 24/7
  2. Get bulbs that automatically turn on when it’s dark and automatically turn off when it’s light.
    a) I use these for my Porch lights
  3. Try some motion sensor light bulbs
  4. Use a Wyze Smart Bulb
    a) Manually turn it on and off in the app.
    b) Program when you want it to turn on and off by using rules (a time schedule or whenever there is motion in a cam, or from a sensor or whatever).
    c) turn a contact sensor into a light switch so you can still turn the light on or off like normal without cutting power to the doorbell wiring. - (I use this for my backyard/garden light which allows me to keep using a camera there too.)

There are some plugs that are smaller, or some plugs that double as a light.

You can also buy a solar power battery system. Some people have created systems that totally remotely power V2’s by solar power and batteries…but honestly if you’re going to get into that price range, you may as well just buy one of the high end battery-powered doorbells already out on the market.

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