Wyze Vacuum Spot Cleaning + Manual Control

How do you even get on the Beta list?

It reqs a firmware update that is not released yet. So stay tuned :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Littleaton is correct. No spot cleaning just yet still waiting on the firmware update.


Information on this can be found here:
Don’t forget to join the beta group on the forums too!



Thank you!

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Can I program the path that the vacuum takes when returning to base after completing cleaning?
I have a nice big rug on hardwood in the middle of the living room, and the robot leaves perfect horizontal lines on the rug when it cleans. Looks great, kind of like a pro baseball field. The problem is the vacuum finishes cleaning on the far side of the room, then leaves a single jagged path diagonally across the rug as it returns to base.
Can I program a route to return to base, or tell the vacuum to clean from the far side of the room to the near side, so it finishes without needed to travel back over the rug?

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It would be nice to draw an area on the map that the vacuum would go clean. This would allow you to direct the vacuum to clean a small mess in a particular area without having to have the vacuum run its while routine.