Wyze Vacuum Scan Request/Mapping only (whole house or single room)

The app needs the ability to select a single room and have it rescan an area like it did on the very first run when it created the map. This would simply UPDATE the existing map and not delete everything and start over from scratch.

Example, I rearrange my bedroom furniture: the vacuum will never clean the area where the bed, dresser, etc. used to be.

Settings → Edit Map → Rescan Selected Room

I was able to do this kind of thing by setting up no go zones on the whole house except that room. And do a whole home cleaning. meaning do not select any room and press clean. It will work its way to that room and then it will “remap” it. i had one that had too much sun in it so when i mapped it it had cut off half the room. This “no go zone” option forces it to just clean a pathway to that room. remaps everything to that point. worked ok. Had to fix all rooms names after though.

Yup i did this. It worked, reset all the room names afterword’s, but thats not that big of deal.

How did you create the “No Go Zones”? Did you setup Virtual Walls everywhere except that room?

yes. in the new app or beta app, they are called no go zones. was renamed.

With the new firmware and beta app version I was really hoping to see new updates. But all I see is the layout changes. Same features with new funky names …