Wyze Vacuum: Maybe I'm just impatient

Got the Wyze vac in late January. While I’m mostly pleased with the device itself, some of the software limitations are frustrating. I know that this is still a work in progress, but this is not the first robot vac out there so some of the software ‘issues’ I’m having have been solved by other manufacturers so these annoyances really shouldn’t be anything new.

No voice control. Why is this a thing? I NEVER want to hear the vac speak to me. I understand that others might but I typically run this thing at night when we are in bed. Don’t need it telling me it’s starting, I can hear it. I don’t need it to tell me it’s returning to base or that it’s charging either. Just go. Previous robot vac I had had this feature (on/off/volume level) and I made an assumption that this is a standard feature on all. I voted on the wishlist for it and HOPEFULLY it will be deemed useful enough to write a few lines of code to at least toggle on and off.

Splitting rooms. See the image below. Our kitchen and dining room are connected by a doorway (shocker!). Wyze sees these as one big room. I’d like to subdivide where the yellow line is drawn. This is not possible with current software as there is no outside wall to connect to. As it stands, I have to vacuum the dining room (seldom used) and the kitchen if I want just the kitchen cleaned. Dining room is right next to the master bedroom which brings in unwanted noise. Why is this software capability a problem?

No Alexa/Google Home integration. I know this one is planned, but as a Home Assistant user, this one is really annoying. Previous vac had a HASS automation set up that when the house was empty that the vac automatically started it’s cleaning and when anyone arrived home it would send the device back to it’s base. Again, Alexa has an API and I’d assume GH has one too. When will this happen?

I’m probably impatient and I’m always cranky hence this post. It seems like Wyze is cranking out new products weekly but I’m doubting that they have the developers needed to actually support all these new platforms much less add the additional functionality I’m describing in a reasonable timeframe. Until then I’ll continue to hear noise while sleeping and try to remember to manually start the vac when everyone leaves home. #firstworldproblems

2021 Q1 has come and gone and none of these things have been addressed? While I understand that two of these were not promised, the Alexa/Google Home was. When will we see this? The other two are common sense features that were ASSumed to be included and, frankly, should have been and should be included.

A Wyze guy told me the voice will be able to be turned off in the upcoming version. They definitely have read your post here :wink: