Wyze Vacuum LIDAR Sensor

Serious (and a little more in depth) question regarding the LIDAR laser atop the vacuum.

What nanometer wavelength is this laser using?

The reason I ask is to ensure safety among pets (and people for that matter). Anything running I believe under 1500 nanometer wavelength has been deemed unsafe for the eyes. In this sense a pet could be looking directly at any lasers shooting out (not realizing they’re looking at it as it’s invisible), and if it’s below 1500 could cause irreversible retina damage.

I’ve ordered the vacuum and am excited, but want to make sure the LIDAR is pet safe.

Thanks in advance for any input!

I posed almost the same question on the FB Core Group. Here is the answer I got from @WyzeGwendolyn:
I heard back!

"TL;DR: the LIDAR sensor is not harmful to the naked eye.

More nuanced, the LIDAR sensor is constantly spinning and casting it’s measurements around the room, which could be harmful IF the LIDAR disc stopped spinning (this would also cause problems with the product’s general performance, since the disc is designed to stop spinning only after the sensor is shut down) and also only IF the customer or pet is staring directly at the stopped disc while it is on."

This doesn’t directly answer your nanometer question, but now that I have tagged Gwendolyn, maybe she can find the answer.


I did not think about the LIDAR system when I ordered this. We have three cats. One with only one eye. So I’m very concerned about shooting a laser around the room. I need to know more about using this around pets. I’m thinking I should cancel this order just to be safe.

It is completely safe, it’s not visible light, it won’t attract them and it is constantly moving so I wouldn’t fear long exposure.

It’ll be fine my Neato d3 is close to the same with the laser mounted on the top. Works well my dogs have not been blinded. Food for thought I was an Apache crew chief all the cattle around the base were blinded by the laser’s from the aircraft