Wyze Vacuum integration with Alexa

Make it so!

This is a must have. I really can’t believe it does not exist yet. It really shouldn’t be that difficult it’s a set up at least one command to tell the vacuum to start cleaning.


Really missing the ability to use Alexa on the Robo-Vac!


How is this not a thing yet? What is the hold up? Also an early adopter excited by the “first half of 2021” statement.

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Having the Robot Vacuum be Alexa enabled was promised in the first half of 2021.

Thankfully the mapping now works properly. Perhaps Alexa integration can happen before 2021 is over?

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I agree. I know something about programming not that I’ve programmed Alexa. It can’t be that hard to call the API to tell her to start cleaning.

I have written a few Alexa skills to play with the technology. It is not difficult and I for one don’t understand why they haven’t done this yet.

time to freelance. write it and sell it to Wyze.

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Anyone else wish you could tell Alexa to start a cleaning cycle for the robot vacuum?

It was in Beta I missed my invite as I was out of town. Hoping it goes live soon.

@wyze team - did I hear correctly that there is a beta for the Alexa skill for Vacuum Robot ?
Can you point me to where to obtain it?

The beta was at the beginning of August for a week or or two. I missed it myself as I was out of town and haven’t heard anything about it since. Wether it was successful, still ongoing or not.

Any updates on this yet? i know they added to the app, but we cant install the skill/update the skill to use it yet…

I would like to know when the Wyze vacuum cleaner will be integrated with Alexa?

Yes any updates please. I thought in that funding video you stated Customer Service would be greatly improved. Radio silence doesn’t help and is worse then saying we hit some roadblocks we are working out. If you need more testing open the Beta again.

Exactly. Communicate Wyze PM.

Has anyone else had their robot vacuum show up in Alexa devices? I have and I can start a non- specified cleaning using button in app but alexa still not recognizing a voice command…naturally or given the command that we needed to use in the beta which was “alexa, ask wyze robot vacuum to start cleaning” or return to dock.

Yes, same here.


Where do you see this? I have the wyze skill installed but do not see the robot vacuum as an option.