Wyze Vacuum - In Browser Map Editor

Had the Vacuum for a couple of weeks and overall pretty impressed. My main struggle is map editing. I got the beta app with the room splitting/joining/renaming, but keep running into the fact that it doesn’t really update the map. It would work perfectly if the first time when generating the map I move all furniture away from walls and allow it to do a complete outline of everything that’s possible. If you don’t do this, and lets say move a couch where it had mapped it as a solid wall, you’d need to re-map the whole thing.

Now obviously it would be even easier from a user perspective for it to just be updating the map on the fly as it discovers something new, and it sort of does that, but not really. for example when i did the mapping i had my walk-in closet door closed, so it didn’t know there was a place it can go. I then opened the door and tried to clean the room, and i can see that it now saw an open space, and even went a few inches past where the door was, but then turned around and avoided the newly discovered space. That space then didn’t get added to the saved map, and i basically can’t have the vacuum go in there unless i redo the map.

I’m sure these auto-updating features are coming, but I wonder if there is something we can have ahead of time. I’m sure for the purpose of development you had a map editor where you can tweak the map that the robot has, and wondering if there is any way you can polish that and make it available at least in the browser (making it work inside the app is probably overkill).


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