Wyze Vacuum - Ability to supress cliff detection in an area/room

I pre-ordered and have received our Wyze Vacuum and am pleased thus far. There are a few minor things I would love to see, but I am focussing on this one topic. We also own an iRobot Roomba 692 which is a model that wanders aimlessly, but does a decent job.

Both robots share a common problem. We have an area rug that is bordered with black and has black in various areas. See here. Both vacuums detect this as a cliff and will not enter the area to vacuum. If we place the vacuum on the carpet it just “bumps” into the black and changes direction.

Much like you can create a virtual wall, I would love to be able to define a “Safe zone” indicating it is free of cliffs/drops/stairs. It is conceivable that this could even save battery :wink: .

I hope this will be considered. I am a compete Wyze-ophile. To date I own 7 cameras, various sensors, Vacuum, Headphones, Outdoor plug, Indoor plugs, pre-orders for Door Cam and Watch. I cannot tell you how many other products I have encouraged others to buy. I care say I could call myself a true Wyze Evangelist.

Keep well.


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