Wyze v3 massive DNS traffic

Yes! We have had to set limits on DNS inquiries to minimize the bad-guy (DDoS) activities of Wyze cams. Your experience is typical. I have communicated with the Wyze tech folks about this and have been completely blown off. One can only conclude this behavior is intentional.

I’m wondering if we will see Wyze on the same list of miscreants as Hikvision, China Mobile, Huawei, etc.

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I am sorry this is happening. I would like to ask a few questions to help them narrow down this issue. Is it happening from all cams or a specific model? Are both the cam firmware and app versions up to date?


Thank you for the feedback. This issue will be resolved in the next official firmware for Cam V2, V3, Pan, and Pan V2


For those that landed here from a search engine - the temporary fix that worked for me was to hard power cycle the unit by removing power completely. The software power cycle was insufficient.

I’ve only had this happen a few times, and my dns server usually rate-limits it but it’s still obnoxious because my APs are only 2x2 MIMO, so while the bandwidth might be insignificant, the channel utilization is not. I logged over 2 million (!) requests in 9 hours.

Strangely, this only happened on one of 4 Wyze devices in close proximity - 2 v3 cameras and the Wyze plugs that exist to remotely power cycle them.