Wyze v1 and v2 seem to be loved by insects (last one was corrupted)

I noticed something interesting on both of my outdoor-installed Wyze cams (1 is a v1, the other a v2). They seem to constantly attract the attention of carpenter bees, flies, dragonflies, wasps, basically anything with an exoskeleton and wings if its a sunny day. Not necessarily a problem, but no other cameras I’ve installed outside (currently or in the past) had this “condition”.

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Maybe the dark dot/lens on the camera looks like an entry hole for them to make a new hive. We see bees all the time looking at things like that around the house. I’d leave the audio on to record the buzzing.

I think you might be on to something here. Tons of insect types buzz by my cameras, but the Bees seem to be trying to “get in” the lens. They fly head on into mine all day long.