Wyze to launch home monitoring and security service

Those sound like good combinations with Noonlight services… Perhaps they will apply a a la carte type monitoring option… interesting possibilities to say the least…

At minimum, we need intelligent “monitoring” service, and not just alerting us if “motion” is detected (and definitely we do not need anymore false motion detection alerts…)


This whole Noonlight thing is just a gimmick to get people to subscribe.

They can’t have access to the cam’s feed, unless you make some type of a guest account for them. Then, you basically given them the ability to spy on you at any time.

There is a HUGE difference between an actual security company doing 24/7 monitoring with security guards coming to verify, and having a service that you must call to let them call the emergency personal, when you can just cut out the silly middle-man, and call 911 in the first place.

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Never really understood the point of the “real” ones either. They call a phone number to ask if you’re okay, and then might call 911. Who is really sending out their own guards (staffed gated communities aside) and wouldn’t that be extra response time wasted anyway?

Most systems like what Wyze and SimplySafe etc offer are there to save you the cost and possible penalties for false alarms. Good solid systems offer the option to directly notify the police/fire/EMS systems. Of course you are responsible for any false alarms and may loose the capability if you generate too many false alarms.

Hopefully, we will all have the option as to whether or not we can opt out on the “monitoring” service and its monthly fees…

If not, it’ll be like printers… Inexpensive to own initially at time of purchase,… Then you’ll have to purchase those expensive cartridges/toners in order to operate said “inexpensive” printer…


Yes, except it sure does not seem as if that will happen here.


OK Gwendolyn, but youve failed to address those WYZE XAM users with SD card storage. We won’t be paying for Cloud storage, for Person Detection or Motion. Monetizing your monitoring, simply follows other Surveillance Brands , instead of offering your customers valid options. Well see how this argument/forum plays out for those affected. Im keeping My SD Card storage- VERY RELIABLE.

As I stated a thousand times, I think they let NAS go bye bye because there isn’t recurring fees associated with it.

Im super excited about this. I have 1 rental property and soon to have another. I need this so bad. I want to make sure the items in my property is safe. The new property will be in NC. The other is in Costa Rica. Will this system work out fo this country?

Well now, that’s an interesting twist… I wish Wyze success

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