Wyze to launch home monitoring and security service

I’ll have to look for an older post but I believe I came across some information in a different Wyze forum stating that some of the functions/access will be limited without the subscription. I’ll try to do some digging.

The way I read the post is its 59.88 if you pay up front for a year and get the kit free, vs. Paying monthly, and paying for the kit which would equal the 109.87. Maybe?

I don’t know if this has been addressed yet or not, but integration with SmartThings or Google Nest at least for the home/away features would be nice.

Would we be able to use or set the status (home/away/stay) via the app or would that only be controlled by keypads?

I like the fact that you can purchase additional keypads, but wonder if you can adjust the timing before the alarm sounds depending on which entry point opens up. i.e. have a sensor attached to my garage doors, but a longer period to sound the alarm to allow me to park the car, get out and get to the keypad, vs. Having one right inside the front door that I can access in a matter of seconds.

I have an automatic opener on a sliding door to let the dogs out during the day, I can see that being an issue that I’d need to sort out as well…

Does the HMS keypad need to be outside to arm/disarm, or is there a delay to enter then disarm an indoor keypad?

Is the keypad intended to be installed indoors or outdoors? Is there a delay upon entry to disarm to prevent false alarms?

Also, does Sens2 sensors work with Sense Bridge V1? I’d like to replace my V1’s with AAA battery types.

Is the video monitoring all the time or just when you activate it?


How does it work then? If they do not have access to the video, how will noonlight know when assistance is needed?

My understanding is the following:

They get notified when a sensor is triggered while it is set as alarmed. They then try to contact you. If you do not respond in a reasonable time period to give confirmation that everything is okay/false alarm, then they automatically assume something is wrong and contact law enforcement to go check it out.

I believe I read Wyze explain elsewhere (in addition to that FAQ I just posted) that after that future update eventually Noonlight could be granted access to view your live stream cams only when an alert is triggered, and none of them could have access at any other time except during triggered alarms. We’ll have to see exactly how that future update goes. For now, they simply contact you when there is an alarm and let you decide to grant or deny calling law enforcement.

Personally I plan to leave my system in “Practice Mode” the entire time. If an alarm goes off, it will alert me and I can then choose to call law enforcement myself if I want to. Then I never risk getting a false alarm fine because I accidentally didn’t notice Noonlight was trying to contact me. But that’s just me.

They are notified of a triggered alarm, from a sensor, not something seen by a camera.

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@carverofchoice & @tiga31328
thank you…this is what I thought but read somewhere where everyone was complaining about them monitoring videos all the time.
I read somewhere that the home monitoring service is not synched up with the smart lock but will in the future. Using the smart lock does not interfere with the monitoring system, correct. Sorry I tried to find out this information but can’t seem to find it.

Not true. Just had a false alarm at 11pm because a cam saw it snowing. Lame.

I look forward to having them look at the cams. Just had a false positive alarm because a cam saw snow falling. So dumb.

They would probably call you anyway. Their liability is too great if they ignored the alert and your murderer had simply moved offscreen. I just don’t understand why putting your home and life security in the hands of a bored $10/hour phone clerk is a good idea when a system could notify you and your family directly.

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That’s interesting I have all my outside cameras setup with the monitoring and I live in an apartment people walk by all the time nothing goes off only when the door is opened it goes off and I do have my cameras setup in the monitoring I also like that they text and call immediately regardless of putting in the code or not my kid opened the door the other day and within seconds I had a text and a phone call Which made me feel good because if I have it set and my door is kicked in in the middle of the night and I don’t respond they send someone instead of waiting 60 seconds then calling me and it’s to late not that I count on the police for my families protection but this is just nice to have when I’m away if something happens and I don’t see a notification they can call the police

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Because you may be asleep you may be away from your phone and regardless of that board person at the desk that computer screen starts flashing it gets their attention it’s a good safety net although I’m like you and run mine in test mode but if I’m going away for the weekend then I’ll arm it I got notified in a matter of seconds when it went off I was impressed

Hah, so they DID call you anyway.



Awesome… a v2 version. Ordered! :+1:

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