Wyze Thermostat zoning support

I finally received my 2x Thermostats. I opened one to install and found that it does not support multi-zone installation. It was a big disappointment for me as I am a big Wyze supporter and I expected that Wyze Thermostat supports same features as big guys.
I have TACO SR503 controller and Honeywell thermostats. In our area in Long Island, multi-zone HVAC is very popular and luck of support of it could only be explained by considerable cost increase in thermostat unit.
Does anyone knows if Multi-zone will be supported in the future? Or is it hardware dependent and current model of the thermostat can not support it on the hardware level? Similar question was asked before but it was 3 month ago and I hope there are more info now.
Is there a workaround to make my 2 Wyze Thermostats work with my current setup? Or should I return it?
Can I return open unit? I have never considering returning any other Wyze devices before.

Happy Holidays to everyone.
Does anyone has any comments?

I’ve just completed connecting my (1) new Wyze thermostat on one zone (downstairs) of our 2-zone (upstairs/downstairs) forced hot water system. I have the 2-zone version of the same controller as you ( TACO SR502). My old thermostat was a programmable “dumb” thermostat with just 2 wires (R & W). Since I needed to run a new 18/3 cable to add the C wire, I took the opportunity to relocate the thermostat to a new location (family room where we spend more time) so it will better be able to “see” us coming and going than the old thermostat in our little-used dining room.

Long story short, I connected R and W to the Zone 1 thermostat terminals (upper right on my SR502) and connected the 3rd (Green in my case) to the COM side of the 24VAC/COM block (upper left on my SR502). At the Wyze thermostat I connected R to Rc (top left) W to W1 (lower left) and the Green “C” wire from COM on the TACO board to the “C” terminal (lower right). I made the mistake of initially connecting my R wire to Rh (lower left) thinking “I have heat only, no A/C” so Rh (red heat) seemed logical. When I did that, T-stat did nothing (no clicking, no lights, no boot). The installation walk-through seems to figure out you have just 3 wires that way and apparently switches to heat-only mode. This part is a little counter-intuitive IMHO and could perhaps use some clarification in the instructions. Perhaps non-engineers just follow instructions and don’t over-think it like I did and it’s not a problem?

Anyhow, with Red on Rc, White on W1 and “C” connected to COM on my TACO SR502, the thermostat seems to work. I personally don’t need a smart thermostat upstairs – the original “dumb” thermostat has been set on 55 for about 30 years – we like it cool for sleeping and enough heat rises from first floor that it’s usually a comfortable 60-65. That said, based on my hookup experience, I don’t see why a second Wyze thermostat wouldn’t work up there – at the end of the day, if you forget the “smartness”, all it does is close the circuit between R and W to call for heat, keep it open otherwise.

YMMV as they say, but soo far, “works for me”… I’d be very interested in hearing (Wyze @Brian ?) if I’ve missed something and/or what trouble this may cause such that Wyze doesn’t “support” this setup…

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Thanks for answering and posting your setup.

Unfortunately my setup is more complicated. I have 5 wires coming to my thermostat: 2 are going to SR503 and 3 more going to forced air HVAC unit. When I select all my wires in Wyze app it says that it is not compatible.
Rc,W > SR503

The second zone has the same setup. And I also have radiating floor in the kitchen connected to zone 3. That thermostat has the same 2 wires you have and there is no connection to anything else.

yep – that’s more complicated alright! I’m not an HVAC person so I’m not going to start guessing. I imagine that the radiant floor zone (3) could be fixed by adding a “C” wire connected to COM in the Taco, but no idea how you’d handle your other two zones. Hopefully one of the Wyze HVAC experts will chime in and help you get this sorted. I’ve seen @speadie address some of the more complicated setups on other threads so perhaps he’ll see this and know what you need to do…

Sorry not more help – good luck!

Looking at https://s3.amazonaws.com/s3.supplyhouse.com/manuals/1351150859758/85267_PROD_FILE.pdf

On your current thermostat, Y and G are both running from the voltage that Rc creates?

and W is running off of R? that seems backwards.

Rc should be the cooling system’s transformer. Rh or R should be the heating system’s transformer.
Can you verify this?

You need to have Rc and C connected to the wyze so that it can power itself. After disassembling my adapter, I think you should be able to use it with G and Y without W if you need to get a common back from the air handler to power the wyze. If not, you might need to run a common from the air handler to the thermostat location.
The wyze can switch Rh to W and Rc to G and Y, as long as the common it has is coming from the Rc transformer.

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I got confused by your answer. I guess I don’t have enough knowledge how it works.
In my setup there are two independent cables:
One is coming from furnace controller - Rc and W wires
Another is form air handler/AC - Y, G and R

I can power thermostat from the controller using Rc and provide C or C-adapter. But it’s not the point.
Will thermostat be able to work with the controller if there is another thermostat that could start furnace. There should be a reason it’s not supported by Wyze.

Your zone board should take care of starting the furnace, no?
Unless you have 2 different thermostats controlling the same wires for your cooling? Is that the issue?
(Heating is zoned, cooling is not?)
The reason wyze is listing it as not supported is because your R and Rc terminology is switched.
I think if you told the wyze that you have a Rc and Rh wire, it would be supported…
See this:

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@lmgray I can’t say specifically, but a lot of these homes with this type of system only had a 2 wire sleeve ran to the thermostat. Even with the included C-Wire Adapter, the end user would still be missing the 3rd wire for Common. Luckily, you were able to run a new 18/3 wire to provide this Common.

Hi Speadie.
Your explanation along with linked article totally made sense!
It took me some time to figure out some wires: I have a valve on return line to furnace connected in series between controller and thermostat (Rh,W wires).
I also have some (temperature?) sensor connected in series in G line between air handler and thermostat.
Once I figured these out I connected Wyze thermostat. Using CWA to power thermostat failed so I used spare wire. Once powered, I got an error that G wire is an “extra” connection along with all other unused connections. Repeated tests did not solve the problem, so I proceeded with that error. Test run failed on both Heat and Cool.
At the same time Thermostat got a firmware upgrade. My last resort was to reset and start over.
After reset to defaults Thermostat did found G wire to be proper and Heat/Cool test worked!
I spent like 12 hours in total on something (including research and the forum) that should be 30 minutes installation.
Thanks a lot for taking time and helping me!
Also, thanks to @lmgray for trying to help me and tagging right people here.
Tomorrow I’ll install the second thermostat for the second floor zone.
I will buy another thermostat for heated floor in the kitchen. It should be the same setup as pictured by lmgray above.
Thanks again everyone!

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