Wyze Thermostat to control Wyze Plugs?

Can you please make the Wyze Thermostat to be capable of sending on/off signals to the Wyze Plugs?

I use a shed for a home office, and I have a window AC and an oil heater (both use their own Wyze Plugs). It would be spectacular to use the Wyze Thermostat for climate control in this scenario.


I’m wondering if there will support via IFTTT for other IOT plugs as well. Another method to support space heaters. I currently use Wireless Tags to do URL calls to Automation Manager for IOT to control some Wemo Heaters at my cabin.

I’m basically looking for something in wall mounted form to thermostatically control other gear attached to Wyze or other IOT switches.

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My usage case is more mainstream - I want to be able to switch on a plugged-in fan to circulate the air better whenever my forced-air central heating starts to blow, and switch off the fan when the heating stops. This is generally a win for efficiently heating a room - particularly if you’re like me and have the output registers in the ceiling (a common design in the South of the U.S.). Without a fan to circulate air vertically in the room, hot air will tend to just pool at the ceiling.

Ideally, in addition to controlling smart plugs, I would like the AC/heating system to be able to control the ceiling fans which I have in various rooms. I have heard rumblings in the past of Wyze producing smart switches which I expect will be usable for that. Meanwhile, being able to control Wyze Plugs would be an acceptable work-around. And yes, I now there are some smart ceiling fans these days, but it would be a lot of expense for me to retrofit to those - Wyze Switches (assuming they arrive some day) would be a much simpler and cheaper option.

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