Wyze thermostat temperature overshoot

Did not see your screen shot until after I uploaded mine :slight_smile:

I can’t but think that that was something they did not think over well. But I am still waiting for a full user manual of what all settings do :slight_smile:

I think it’s a new product and we’re all pre-orders, so kind of second wave beta testers. Most everything that people are complaining about can be fixed in software/firmware, but it might take some time with the holidays. I expect bugs in any first generation product from anyone, so I’m accustomed to finding workarounds for them.

I am with you there :slight_smile:

also i saw a couple of folks says, what the problem set it lower… it doesnt work that way.
i want the temp to hover around 68. So let say to adjust for 2degree overshoot, i set it to 66… the heat wont turn on until it is 65. so that too much of a variance for comfort and energy inefficient.

The reason for having a feedback loop is to avoid this sawtoothing and that part is definitely working as expected.

Think of driving a car on freeway where you want to maintain 65 speed vs a city driving where you stop and go.

It is really inefficient to run your system constantly or short cycle it vs letting the temp cycle over a longer period of time. Better to run the system for a longer time period less times per day than to constantly run it.
Hopefully they’ll make max comfort short cycle your furnace like you want it to, and leave max savings doing what it is doing right now, like I want it to do.

To be honest, it is short cycling a bit too much for me, I’d prefer even larger temp swings :smiley:

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That is why I am really surprised that the savings vs comfort slide doesn’t work as I would expect. I would think the savings setting lets it run longer to be more efficient, but the comfort setting would keep the temperature, say, more… static? As in… thermostat? :smiley:

I don’t understand what the heck temp preferences have to do with my schedule. When I set a schedule it should have nothing to do with my preference since I am setting my schedule and temp that way. For example I may prefer 70 degrees sometimes but in the morning at 5:00am when I wake up I want it to be 71 not 70. Is the temp preference setting and the temp in the schedule related in any way?

Your preferences set the temperatures used in your schedule.

Correct it is a baseline but you can also fine tune it in the schedule. Whats the point of having both?

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I think different people worked on the wording in the preferences and the actual thermostat display, but they both are doing the same thing: heating to above that temperature.

Yea made in china converted to american language. something was missed.

I couldn’t do it anymore. Wyze was showing 73 on the display and I had on a sweat shirt. Put the ecobee back on the wall and it registered 68 and turned the heat on. I think a return might be my next move. Love Wyze, but this is unfortunately a failed product for me.

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I have questions about why Wyze made decisions about some of the temperature controls, but once I had corrected the temperature deviation (Wyze showed it was two degrees warmer than it actually was according to two devices that were always in agreement over the temperature) in the settings, the temperature Wyze shows has been pretty much as expected.

I hope they will release app and/or firmware updates sooner rather than later, because if they don’t flatten the temperature graph that’s caused by the thermostat’s constant under- and overshooting before taking action, I will go back to my Honeywell as well.

Did you try adjusting the temperature correction? It sounds like your wyze was not actually reading the accurate temperature, which is not what this thread is about. You might just need to adjust the calibration.
If your wyze thought it was 73 when it was actually 68, then you should go to settings>advanced>temperature correction>-5

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Why is this even needed. The device should know the temp. I expectmy stove to work the same way.

Hold > Schedule > Preference

Motion (Home) > Away


Stoves need periodic recalibration as well. But a couple of degrees of deviation at 400 degrees is not as impactful as the same couple of degrees at 70 degrees :slight_smile:

I’m personally going with that Wyze chose to use cheap thermometers in order to save money. As long as the delta is accurate, the calibration point can be variable. And after I configured a -2 deviation, it’s been accurate so far.

I am in south Florida and having the same overshoot issue but in Cool mode. If it is set to 72, it waits till 74 to start, then stays on till it reaches 71. It’s not a matter of shifting the range but rather tightening it. Needs firmware fix. Soon!

Has anyone played with the Setting, Behavior to see if that changes the overshoot? Possibly all the way to comfort would have less swing but be less efficient. Savings would be more efficient but have a wider overshoot.

Yes some other dude did that on this forum. He made a graph and all. No change from comfort vs energy savings. Here is the link graph