Wyze Thermostat stuck at 32°

As you can see from the pic above no matter what temp you pick, it says it’ll reach that temp in less than a min. It’s definitely an internal issue.

As for the mode, like I said in the initial post, going into controls and changing the mode only lasts for about a second before it defaults back to “off” all by itself. Trust me I’ve tried about 100 times to get it to stay on auto, heat, or cool. No matter what it just switches back to off.

After calling Wyze support (844-999-3226 ) they did explain that it’s an issue internally that they know about. And also due to fragile components on the inside of the device, things can get knocked loose during shipping.

I received my replacement device after about two weeks of waiting and I just hooked it up. So far so good. Everything is working as it should. And as you can see from the picture below, its actually saying the right time to temperature.

So since this is a very precise internal issue, I would definitely recommend calling Wyze directly, rather than email. They were awesome about sending out a replacement with minimal questions.

Hope this helps!

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I bought three of these thermostats, two for my home and one for my daughter’s place.

Although I have some HVAC knowledge, the installation did not go well and I called an HVAC contractor. Yes, I had the 32 degree also on just the first one.

He could not get the 32 degree unit to work so we tried another one. That one he was able to get to work, but the supposed wiring instructions given in the installation were wrong. He was able to figure out the Wyze error and installed a jumper wire on the unit to make it work. He installed the second one in our home using what he learned from the first unit. Final cost: $112.

I will be sending back the defective 32 degree one.

Thanks for this tip. Curious - which connections did he jumper? Can you post a photo?

Honestly, I started writing them down and he tried about 4-5 configurations before he got it to work. I got lost. Each time took a bit because I had to reset the thermostat and then go back through the setup. He was super helpful and nice.

I will take a pic of the thermostat backplate wiring and will also see what he jumpered in the unit itself.