Wyze Thermostat not powering up

I’m going to put money on if you hook up the old one and remove the batteries it won’t power up. That was the base with both my upstairs and downstairs old ones. If you give up at some point like I did, you can do what I did. Pay an experienced professional to come out for an hour or two who can get it working for sure. I don’t regret paying the money for it and thought I would. The Wyze thermostat is already so inexpensive that the end cost still wasn’t that high in my opinion. It’s okay to not be comfortable with doing something like this on your own but if you can get help from someone like speedie here then there’s a good chance you can get it working. Some of the people here really know their stuff but you might have to look at a few different things to get everything working. If you like to learn though then that’s maybe not a bad thing.

To clarify, power for the thermostat is provided by R and C. Usually Rc and C, but Rh is possible as well. We are not certain which red wire provides the power. @speadie may have a point that the red wire that was connected to Rh actually carried that power. If the thermostat turns on when you connect that to Rc, then we’ve found the problem :slight_smile:

Thanks to you three for helping me out! I did test removing the batteries from the old thermostat once it was rewired. It turned off. So I am pretty sure that there is no power running to the thermostat. I’ll try swapping the Rc and Rh cables tomorrow, but don’t think I’m going to get anything.

I might also just get an electrician or an HVAC guy to come out and get power to it.

Good luck :slight_smile:

One of the R wires has to have power on it. Thermostats work by switching the R wire to the other wires to turn them on.

If you did call someone it would need to be an HVAC person not an electrical person. I happened to have the owner of an electrical company over doing some work when I was trying to get my thermostat working and he’s done it over 30 years and told me they only have very basic knowledge so they just hook it up like you would and if it doesn’t work they call an HVAC guy. They said electricians don’t mess with that stuff.

Here is a pic of my connections at the thermostat and the heater. I haven’t installed the c-wire adapter as mine had a c-wire already. The red wire is getting 24V, but still not powering up. Please help

It would only let me upload 1 pic per reply. Here is the heater connection pic

If you have a multimeter, check the voltage between Rc and C at the thermostat. It’s possible that your C wire might be interrupted somewhere if you do not have at least 24VAC between these 2 wires.

If you do have at least 24VAC between those wires, look at the back of the thermostat to make sure the pins aren’t bent or broken. If all the pins appear to be in good condition, and it still doesn’t power up, then your thermostat is faulty and should be replaced.