Wyze Thermostat not powering up

I just received my Wyze thermostat. I had a simple setup before: it was a standard thermostat that had wires in R (with jumper to Rc), W, Y, G, and C. The Wyze app easily pointed me to Rc, Y1, G, W1, and C. I have pushed the appropriate wires in and plugged the thermostat and put the power back on. The Wyze thermostat does not power up. Any suggestions?

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Ok I got a fix! If you use the c-wire adapter, connect the G wire from the wall to the C terminal on ththermostat. This pictureand the associated video were not explained well at all!


I am having the same issue. Thermostat will not power up. Wiring looks good. I have power on the red cable.

I am having the same issue. Did anyone resolve it yet?

Gave up for today. Installed the old thermostat back on the wall. Didn’t expect this to turn into a project.


Also had to reinstall the old one. Seems so simple yet it doesn’t work. Not sure if they shipped out defective units?

I have 2 installed with no issues. I would verify you have 24V on R.

Alright, I didn’t check that yet. I’ll get my multimeter out and check that.

Test R to C and verify 24v

I have 24 volts AC on R . Should power up but does not.

Did you connect the green wire to C on the thermostat? If using the C Wire Adapter, green becomes C.


I’m also having this issue. Ended up putting old one back on and thinking about just returning it and not messing around with it.

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Not sure my multimeter is working properly. But the old thermostat, which is the picture above, an Aprilaire is a 24 v and works.

Your thermostat looks like an Aprilaire 8810M :thinking:

Which “R” terminal were you trying to hook the red wire to? Rc or Rh?

Should look like this


Rc, looked just like your photo when I hooked it up. Wyze would not power up. My multimeter showed around 28VAC for R and around 4VAC for C if did it right, which I may not have.

I did not use the adapter of course because I already had a C

Mine was into Rh with a jumper to arc and the app said to put it into Rc

I have a blue wire for the C wire at my thermostat, when I go downstairs and look at my furnace, the blue wire isn’t connected to anything. Does this mean I do not have a c wire?