Wyze thermostat not heating or cooling

I received my new thermostat yesterday and installed it today. It seems to have a mind of its own. It won’t heat or cool properly. I set the thermostat to cool 68. All of a sudden, it was 81 degrees in the house. I turned it off and reinstalled the old Honeywell. I have a furnace so no switch heat/cool setting on my app. I’m guessing the wiring needs to be adjusted. Here’s a pic of the Honeywell wiring. Anyone have any solutions?

You have a heat pump?
if yes, from left to right, your wires are:
Aux/E, G, O/B, C, Y, R

If it heats when it is supposed to be cooling, with the wyze, go to the advanced settings where there should be an option to switch heating and cooling.

If you have a gas furnace and an air conditioner (no heat pump) then i need to see the wiring inside your furnace.


I have a similar issue where my cool setting is heat. I currently live in an apartment and my cool setting is relatively hot, but my heat is initially cool and then gets hot.

This is my original Honeywell .

Same issue. Your orange wire is a O/B wire, your W2 wire is an Aux heat wire. You have a heatpump and probably read the top set of labels on your old thermostat instead of the bottom ones when you were telling the wyze what wires it had. Reset your wyze by pressing and holding the button, remove it from the wyze app and add it again. During install, tell it you have the following wires:
Rc = Red
Y1 = Yellow
O/B = Orange
G = Green
Aux = White
C = Black

You’re awesome. That worked!!! If you don’t work for Wyze they should be paying you.

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