Wyze Thermostat - Multiple Zones/Systems and Wiring Explained

I’m seeing a bunch of posts about multiple systems and multiple zones, hopefully this will help clear it up a bit. I have over 5 years in the HVAC industry for Residential New Construction and Service/Maintenance.

***NOTE: This does not take into account your current system wiring.
Furnace ONLY - 4 Wires - Typically (R,B,W,G)
Furnace with A/C - 5 Wires - Typically (R,B,G,Y,W)
Air Handler with Heat Pump - 6 Wires - Typically (R,B,G,Y,W,O - Reversing Valve)

There is no industry standard for thermostat wire coloring!
Below is a good example, keep in mind some may have up to 8 wires for additional stages of heat/ac and indoor/outdoor temp sensors.
Red = 24 VAC Power (Required to power the stat)
Blue = 24 VAC Common (Required to power the stat)
Green = Fan
Yellow = A/C
White =

  • Heat
  • Stage 1 Heat
  • Auxillary Heat
  • Emergency Heat

Orange = Reversing Valve (some manufacturers energize in cooling, some in heating)

Multiple Systems (More than 1 indoor/outdoor unit):
You will need 1 thermostat per system. You can mix/match thermostats between the systems as they do not connect to one another. Example: 3 systems (3 separate units indoors/outdoors). Install a Wyze on the first and second systems, install a generic on the third.

1 System w/ Multiple (1, 2, or 3) Zones:
You will need 1 thermostat per zone.
If you have 1 indoor/outdoor unit, with 1 thermostat per floor, you will need 1 Wyze stat per floor.
***You can mix/match thermostats as they are wired independently to the Zone Board.

Multiple Systems w/ Multiple Zones:
Same as the previous example, 1 thermostat per zone per system.

As with anything, all HVAC installations can very. If you have a setup other than what I’ve described, feel free to reply and I will do my best to help.


I have two outdoor units, one going to upper and main floor, gas heat, plus AC,
Second is for the basement , heat pump and ac, all electric.
I installed 1 Wyze on each floor replacing basic programable Honeywell thermostats.
The main and upper floors connect to a Honeywell zone controller, the basement is independent.
So far it Works