Wyze Thermostat: Lower the minimum temperature setting limit (currently 50F)

They don’t care they just want you to continue to post. It’s an easy firmware push to change the coded 50* to 40* or lower. They lose nothing by modifying it, so disappointing

Wyze doesn’t pay attention to grouping, singular or any topics of true concern. Why would you decide to limit the range starting at 50 when all older tstats allow down to 35 ??? More importantly, why wait over a year and still not address a simple fix? Why do you need people to vote and choose the one with the highest votes to focus on? It’s not like they’re asking for a complete UI change. It’s a stupid number in the coding and I’m sure it could be done in about 10 seconds.

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No one is concerned about specific numbers. If you’re happy with 50 or spending extra to maintain that temp then bravo to you. Some would like the control that our outdated digital or analog tstats offer at our discretion

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I’ve had this discussion with tech. It’s a simple firmware push. change the number 50 to 35 in the coding. They have no actual customer support with legitimate issues.

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No. The comment to which you replied was specifically about someone who wanted 48 degrees instead of 50.

Literally just got off the phone with wyze for a number of issues, and they actually acknowledged that they knew about the low temp threshold, so it’s finally at least on their radar.

I would buy three wyze thermostats if they fixed this issue, but two years later I’m still waiting.

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I have the same request, I’d like to be able to lower it at least down to 40 or as low as I want. I need heat from 6-8am for when I work out in my gym, that’s it. other than that, it can get down to 0 for all I care.

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I would like to start off by saying this thread was very well written and clear. I am also using this thermostat in my garage, and would greatly appreciate a lower minimum setting (35°F). Alternatively, when the space temperature has dropped below the safety setting and then risen back above by a sufficient offset, the thermostat should automatically return to the “Off” mode.

As for you garage door problem,
I have one of the Wyze door sensors on mine. When the door opens a routine in the app sets the thermostat to “Off”. The inverse happens when the door closes. The downside to this is that when the thermostat is purposely set to “Off” the action of closing the door sets the mode to “On”. A whisker switch installed on the door and wired inline between the thermostat and furnace may be a better solution.

Thats an amazing idea! I live in a very rural area, but i live 6 minutes from town. Being able to kill my garage furnace if we accidentally leave the garage door open would be amazing so im not literally throwing money out the door.

I still dont have a wyze thermostat in my garage (or house for that matter) because i still dont trust them. Lately my wyze plugs that run my aquarium lights have been hit and miss over the last few weeks, and my cam plus subscription records what it wants to, when it wants to… if wyze becomes more stable i have zero problem throwing money at their hardware, but right now im in a holding pattern with their products.

I’ve run 2 wyze thermostats since they first came out. More than I year I think. One in the house and one in the garage. So far they have been pretty solid, however I do have an old mercury thermostat wired in parallel on each one as a fail safe set at a temperature way below the wyze and above freezing just in case. So far, it’s never been an issue. In the garage, I do use temperature correction to keep it 45 degrees rather than the minimum setting of 50.

They are very annoying to switch to a new wireless network. Have to reconfigure them from scratch.

It’s interesting that I said this a couple days ago. Ever since then, one of my 2 thermostats will not stay connected for more than a few hours, and it requires turning the furnace power off and back on to get it to reconnect.

So - I would no longer recommend these as this sounds like a known issue that they don’t intend to fix.