Wyze Thermostat: Lower the minimum temperature setting limit (currently 50F)

So annoying. I reached out to support. The problem is that this is literally costing me money. It’s -20 degrees in minnesota. My garage does not need to be 50 degrees. I would be happy at 30 or 35 for the next few weeks.

But wyze thermostat is refusing to let my garage get any colder than 50, which is a problem when there outside temperature is 70 degrees colder…


Yup it is such an easy fix to allow us to set a minimum of 6 degrees and up from there. I have no idea why they would start at 10

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I’m going to try the temp offset bandaid to try to get the temp down to 40 at least.

For those throwing money out the garage windows, you might want to put $17 into something like this in the meantime.

After over 2 months, I think I’ll have to put the old Mercury tstat back up, at least then I know what temp it will be. The Wyze is just to unpredictable, to many issues to list and they seem to not care. All they seem to want to do is expedite new products
Let’s just fix some issues in the products to have
They said there opening tstat to all markets, wow a joke,

I used a 10 degree offset so now when it’s 40 actual degrees the thermostat says 50. It’s a fix for now but they really should address this.


I totally agree a 40 degree minimum would be well received. I for one really need that!

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Allow to set the thermostat to at least 32 degrees minimum and not 50.

I bought this to use in my garage. I live in Michigan. I don’t want to keep my garage at 50 degrees for the 90% of the time I’m NOT in it. I do want to keep it 35 degrees to keep it above freezing. Not sure why 35 degrees wouldn’t be an obvious minimum, not 50 degrees. My previous Insteon Venstar tstat went down to 35, unfortunately I’ll have to put that back in until this feature is added.


Agreed. Same situation with my cabin in Michigan. I bought the Wyze thermostat to match the one at my main home. My Honeywell is still in use set at 40 degrees.


I am so glad to see others have the same question as me…Why is the minimum temperature setting 50 degrees? This is very maddening. I want to set mine to 40 as a minimum for my lake house. Can’t Wyze make that adjustment possible please???


So almost a year later and no fix to this problem yet? I will order three of these thermostats if wyze would just fix this stupid issue…


One poster suggested doing a temperature correction as a workaround for what should be something Wyze could simply just fix. I’d like my minimum temperature to be 45 degrees. Can someone confirm the workaround is to do a -5 correction under the thermostats Temperature Correction setting? I’d test myself but am not at my cabin to see/feel the outcome so maybe you can set me straight. Thanks!

I wanted it to go down to 40degrees, I thought the -10 was right, but I actually had to do a 10 degree, not -10 to get the correction factor right.

Thanks! I have done it as you suggested and believe it worked. The interior temp and thermostat temp setting both showed 50 before making the adjustment. I added 5 to the correction and the interior temp instantly updated to reflect 55 with the temp setting remaining at 50. Five hours later the interior temp showed 50 which now really means it’s 45. This is a Mickey Mouse way of solving the problem but it works. Thanks again for the help.

Extend thermostat lower limit

Summary: The lowest you can set the thermostat is 50F (10C). There are MANY cases where customers could want to set the temp lower than that: vacation homes, garages, outbuildings and guest houses, even (in my case) a boat. The thermometer is already capable of reporting on temperatures well below freezing, so it should be a simple software change to allow for lower temperature settings. Wyze, please fix this!!

If you have a similar need please ‘Like’ this post to get Wyze’s attention!

Additional info: I have a large boat, with a Wyze thermostat to control the central heating. I also have a Wyze thermostat in my house. When I’m on the boat (approx. half the year) I want to set my house temperature to 40F, so that I don’t waste energy but the pipes don’t freeze. When I’m at home I want to set the boat to 40F, for the same reason. There’s no need to heat either place to 50F, which wastes energy.

I can’t figure out why Wyze would set the lower limit to 50, so assume it was an arbitrary decision and that the product manager just didn’t think of use cases like the ones above.

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Amen brother. Perfectly said. Unfortunately I’ve had to go back to my Insteon Tstats until this gets changed.


Having to adjust the temperature setting is a ridiculous work around for the minimum temperature setting of 50 degrees. It does work but can I just say this is STUPID. Surely a leading tech company could come up with a firmware upgrade to allow for lower minimum temp setting…


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This has been a problem since the release of the tstat. There has been so much discussion and complaints and Wyze does nothing. Not only with the tstat but many other Wyze products.
Wyze has no intention of making changes to the tstat or they would have done it by now.
In a letter Wyze recently sent out , they said at one time they were almost bankrupt. That’s a very true statement.
They don’t realize how much business they are loosing due to unsolved issues and failure to recognize what the customer is asking for and wants.
There only concern is marketing new items.…
Shame on Wyze and any one who says different.

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