Wyze Thermostat: Lower the minimum temperature setting limit (currently 50F)

Another up vote to remove the oddly high temperature threshold. I’m seriously considering returning the thermostat after finding out that I need to keep my garage 10 degrees higher than I used to with the old “dumb” thermostat.


Exactly, if I knew this would be an option I would buy three of them and switch the ones in the house over at the same time.

I wonder if it’s as easy as a firmware update, as people are saying that it will read Temps below 50°? I’m assuming the hardware has the capabilities.

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It seems like a no brainer, you can already set it to kick on as low as 35 degrees when it is in the off mode so it shouldn’t be a temp sensor issue.

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Another issue with using the safety temperature threshold to set lower temperature presented itself yesterday morning.

We got snow, and I went to go plow the garage out. I wanted to leave the overhead door open because I’m grabbing shovel, snow blower, ice melt, ice pick, etc. So to leave the door open, I would be forced to keep running the unit, unless I went into advanced settings to turn off the low temperature threshold.

Alternatively, I’d need to open the door 5-6 times and carry the remote with me. Super annoying.

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And how would that work with a normal setting at the same temperature? Wouldn’t you still need to turn off the heat manually?

If Mgmny’s garage is like mine, it surprisingly holds heat for quite a while. With my older, traditional thermostat, It would only run after the door was open for more than 20 minutes. But, because I have a fairly effective heater, it only runs for about 5 minutes before resetting because everything in the garage was warm and helps with regeneration of heat (similar to how infrared works).

I could go for a few cycles before everything in the garage had shed its heat and the furnace needed to run more frequently/longer, but I was usually done outside by then. It also helped that I would only open the small door furthers from the furnace.

Yes. But turning it off manually with my old thermostat was an easy switch. To turn it off now requires me to dig through advanced settings…


From what i understood when I bought the thermostat, a lot of the advertised features are supposed to come this year (2021),

Do you have a link where it says that the features in details are “future” planned features? I would think the average person seeing a list of features on a product would expect them on delivery vs some unspecified time unless very clearly stated as forward looking.

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I dont need a dedicated garage mode, but would love to see the ability to set a lower temp threshold below 50. 35-40 would be just fine. No reason that can’t be updated easily.


Same. It doesn’t need to be special. Just lower than 50.


I have kept my northern michigan cabin at 40 degrees for several years using a honeywell smart thermostat. I recently replaced my primary home with wyze and wanted both to be common. I should probably send the second wyze unit back based on the comments here about waiting 2 years for a software change. Bummer.


Several people have mentioned that they adjusted the temp correction (band-aid) to have a <50 setpoint. For those that have done this, did it work as expected? Will it hold after a power reset? Firmware upgrade? I know I ‘should’ be able to see this on the app however sometimes the internet service isn’t reliable. Particularly after storms / power issues.

Just installed the thermostat for my garage and cant go any lower than 10C which is too hot when Im not there and it will eat propane for no reason. I know we can turn it off and set a low temp alarm sort of thing but thats not ideal.

Setting it lower than 10 should be an easy quick coding change.


I would love a garage mode - its ridiculous that you can’t set it lower than 50, I’m going to try the temp offset suggestion for now.


I spoke with a wyze customer service agent the other day, and was basically told it was the first time they have ever herd of this issue. Maybe if more people call in it might get addressed?

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They must have been on the job for a day then as i alone have said it to them 20 times at least.

It just blows my mind that I can buy a battery operated Honeywell stat and drop to 5 degrees if I want but a smart stat limits me at 10 ?

What he point.


+1 for lowering the limit. I have a storage building/shop away from my home and would like to just be able to set the temp where I want. The 40ish mark seems about right for all my “things”. Although, the unit would likely need to go through testing at Wyze for them to comfortably say that their product fully and reliably works at “X” temperature. Hopefully they can just change it.

My lower safety limit has been extended. This doesn’t help me though, because my thermostat refuses to stay in the “off” mode, so I can’t use the safety temp as an actual setting. So frustrating

you just proved I’m not crazy! Mine is doing the same thing. I was actually testing it right now waiting for temp to drop below safety.