Wyze Thermostat - lock min and max temp

I have a vacation rental and I would like to be able to lock in minimum and maximum temperature so that the tenants don’t just come in and crank up the heat to maximum or AC to sub zero temperatures

Did anyone answer this question?

Welcome to the Wyze community paulap13. SpookyFish hasn’t asked a question. SpookyFish submitted a Wishlist request for change (lock min and max temp). If you would like to see this change implemented by Wyze, please vote for this request by clicking the “Vote” button in the upper left corner. Ref: How to Use the Wishlist

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Min cooling (& max heating) temperature to prevent AC unit from freezing up

This happened today at my short term rental: guests upon arrival used my Wyze Thermostat on the wall to lower the AC to 65º. We’re on the Gulf Coast, so, as you can imagine, the unit froze up and no longer cooled. We got a call from guests, had to pay an AC guy to come out and make sure there was no refrigerant leak. Sure enough, no leak, pointing the finger at our overzealously cooling guests.

Please add a feature that allows me to set a minimum temperature to cool to, below which the AC can’t be set, and vice versa for heating. My only current alternative is to completely lock them out of the thermostat, and have the guest contact us to change the temperature, most definitely non-ideal.



Agree with you! Added a vote.

Was looking in the T-stat settings for a way to get a notification if temp exceeded a user specified High\Low threshold, so you can reset the T-stat from your app and lock it, but could only find one for the Safety Temp, which has a range far outside what would be needed here.

I have the Wyze Climate Sensors, which will send notifications of user defined temp thresholds. BUT… This requires the Sense Hub and that has been problematic in ordering from Wyze as a standalone unit without the HMS and bundled sensors.

I also have the Remote Sensor, which is integrated into the T-stat and doesn’t have notification capability either.

Tried to set a rule in Wyze App… T-stat Temp Trigger doesn’t exist. Alexa and Google Home Triggers are also absent, so no notifications from these.