Wyze Thermostat is live, who is getting one?

Told it will not support multiple zones on the same HVAC system. We have one furnace with upstairs and downstairs thermostat. The thermostat does not support this. Thought people should know.

only if Wyze ships to Canada.

Will it work with a Heat Pump?

Yes, mine is working with my heat pump

Thanks for the reply! Probably will give it try.

        Do you have a hybrid system, meaning a heat pump with a natural gas furnace? Thats what I have and would love to replace my dumb thermostat. My Gas furnace kicks on when the outside temperature gets below 28 degrees farenheit. The hvac installer said that heat pumps become ineffective/ inefficient below that temperature. 


Example 24V adapter that should work with this thermostat if you don’t have a furnace C wire

If the Wyze Thermostat will operate my Hybrid HVAC System, York Heat Pump, York Natural Gas Furnace, and a Tri-Fuel powered 10k Watt Generator, then I will be buying one for sure!!! Also was looking into Googles Smart Thermostat but nobody has replied to the same question that I emailed last week…

With that setup you may be looking more at prosumer gear…as a Google Nest will only handle a few of those items. I have a Nest in my primary home and works great for single NG furnace.

Mine is strictly heat pump, for heat and AC.

If I didn’t already have a Nest thermostat :weary: and it’s not that old, So its a no go for me

Hum, no offense, nothing to do with Wyze in particular…I would never ever put my furnace at the merci of the net…It is well known that at this day Iot are highly vulnerable not by vendor fault but by protocol none flaw that they all use…Do the communication are encrypted?

it’s not dependent of the net to operate (well for setup it is), it does have manual controls

I am totally with you on that. The whole IoT movement is a sh!tshow new technology coming out a breakneck speed with little or not security to accompany it, making everyone vulnerable. Heard of the DDoS attacks using smart fridges? Or what about tech being used to steal codes of fobs inside your house by a thief outside your house, then driving away with your car? Or geez, people installing wifi garage door openers so thieves can hack into your system, drive into your garage, close the door and have a party while they pilfer your home, and one more of many…smart door locks! For gods sake…why why why??? Even going with Wyze cams that I have was a real nail biter for me. I am a user of tech and its already bad enough with smart phones, internet tracking etc etc. Other than that, no smart IT in my house…not now, not ever.