Wyze Thermostat in White

Any chance of developing a lighter version of the thermostat? The black color is the only thing preventing me from preordering. Thermostats are usually mounted on the wall in a common area and this would look like a black hole in the wall, unfortunately. (I’m going with the Nest E in white.)

I understand that the screen would look black when it is off, but maybe there is a way around this. C’mon guys! : )

How about this idea?

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That’s awesome! Nice work. I just ended up getting a Nest E in white :man_shrugging:t2:.

Would like WYZE Thermostat to be sold in a White/Grey version like 3-in-1 sensor.

I like the look of the Black/White WYZE Thermostat until I or anyone in the house has to touch it, then the glossy black finish on the front gets all smeary and fingerprinted as well as showing every speck of dust.

I have seen pictures of the 3-in-1 remote temperature, humidity &motion sensor and it looks really modern and attractive as well as remaining functional and also better at hiding oily fingerprints, smudges, and dust.

Does anyone else have other ideas of how finish could be changed to better hide fingerprints?

youve seena picture of the sensor? Like a real physical one? I don’t want to install my thermostat until they release the sensors because the way my house heats it needs the balancing or you get blistering hot rooms freezing rooms. I currently use the T9 with sensors in almost every room and it works well but Since pretty much everything else in my house is Wyze I would like to get that switched over as well. I just havent seen anything about the release of the sensors even though the product page says early 2021.

This is on the thermostat’s product page. The official product may or may not end up looking different.

yeah no ive seen that a bunch. This is just a CGI rendition. I was hoping youve seen something physical to know it is actually in the works or coming. I can’t find anything on it other than that blurb on the thermostat page. It says early 2021 but we are already half way into the second quarter so not sure what that means.

I’d love to see alternative colors for the Thermostat beyond black. At least a light color. This may help the thermostat coordinate with interior decorating where someone may not want a black box on their wall.

We’ve obviously seen this with other thermostat companies (cough cough Nest).

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