Wyze Thermostat - Hot or Cold only AC turns on [What I am doing wrong?]

Issue: Heating or Cooling only the AC compressor turns on and blows cold air.

Please take a look at the pics below. I have connected everything correctly and checked a number of times. The setup process goes smooth except the hot/warm air never coming out of the register.
Below is the picture of my original thermostat wiring. And the Wyze Thermostat is compatible!

Below is the picture of the control board wiring,

Sorry I don’t have pictures of my C-wire adapter wiring but trust me I have checked that too if I made mistake. After two hours of fiddling the same issue every time.

Whether i turn on AC or Heat only the compressor runs and blows cold air.
The heater simply would not turn on. :frowning:

After several failed attempts I have connected my old thermostat and everything works just fine.

Please Help :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I know u said u verified u wired correctly but it really sounds like bad wiring. other than that I guess it could be a defective adapter or tstat. your wiring is pretty straightforward but to help troubleshoot, need pix of wired Wyze tstat & C adapter

I appreciate your reply, but seriously wiring is pretty straight forward.
No brainier on the Control board side, cause all the wires goes in to their respective Labels.
And on the Thermostat side R goes to Rc and G to C.

oh wait, i just realized that this MAY be an issue.

if you see the control board picture there are TWO wires going in to terminal Y.

I plug both those wires into the C-Wire Adapter. I think I am only supposed to move the Yellow wire on the Red one!!!???

This may be the issue!!!???

umm, yep, that’s it…one of those wires (most likely the red) on Y goes to the AC condenser, and shouldn’t be connected to the adapter…that’s why I asked for pix

You used these labels when you set up your wyze, correct?
And yep, the only wires that should go on the adapter are the ones that go to the thermostat. any other wires should be left where they are on the furnace’s terminal strip.