Wyze Thermostat Feature Requests

I’d like to know if you can add abilities to the Wyze Thermostat such as

  • Ability to disable motion sensor
  • Option to keep screen always on or off
  • Option to change screen timeout
  • Have nifty features on the screen such as time and weather (that goes with always on feature request)
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I would also like the feature added to keep the screen always off or always on rather than having it motion activated. I would prefer to have the screen stay black unless the knob is turned. My thermostat is in my front entry way and I don’t like the temperature popping up on the display every time somebody walks by.

Can this be changed to a wishlist?

Wyze likes the items on the wishlist to be single items so they can be voted on individually. You are welcome to submit those individually if they are not already on the wishlist.