Wyze Thermostat - Disable/Enable motion sensor option

It would be nice if we have the option to disable the motion sensor in the app, and not have the thermostat light up every time someone passes it.

I could see how this would be useful, some clear or black tape would disable the sensor and blend well with the thermostat. There should definitely be a “proper” way to disable the sensor though.

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Agree. Mine is wired in the bedroom next to my bed. Every time I get up at night it lights up and bothers my wife.

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That’s what I did. Placed a piece of electrical tape on top of the sensor.

It’s a workaround but I then lose the motion sensor for Auto Switch. I’d prefer to keep that feature since that’s partly what separates it as a smart thermostat from my old programmable thermostat.

“ Your Wyze Thermostat also has a built in motion sensor. When this sensor detects movement in front of the thermostat while the status is Away, it will automatically switch to Home.”

Even better would be if it would auto light up during the day. Just not at night.

I am the opposite, I find the sensor is very unreliable and about 70% of the time, I have to turn the knob to get the screen to turn on. I find this very frustrating when I just want to quick look at the temp.

As of the last thermostat firmware update (1.1.8) the motion sensor no longer triggers a change in state from Away to Home.
The reason given is there were too many complaints of false triggers.
While I see no complaints on this forum of this problem, I’m told in order to gain back this functionality it must be put on this whishlist forum.
Yes, rather than tell those complaining about false triggers to not use Away, instead they killed the functionality for everyone.
So here it is:
I desire the ability to change the state from Away to Home using the motion sensor on the thermostat.
There are multiple ways this can be done so as to not trip folks up:
Create a thermostat motion trigger for Rules on the App
Restore the old functionality
Additionally, I request the scheduling to also be fixed.
As of the current App you can NOT do multiple Away schedule in a row.
There should be either the ability for multiple Away schedules in a row
part of the trigger rule: IF in Away AND motion detected THEN set to Home for XX minutes


Please add a user selectable option to either enable or disable the motion sensor triggering of the state of the thermostat. The user can then decide if this is a feature they want to use or not.


I don’t mind it lighting up when I walk by, but it would be nice to turn that off for those who don’t want it. What I want is the option for motion in front of the thermostat or on any of the motion sensors connected to the thermostat (the new 3in1 sensors coming out soon) to automatically set the T-stat status back to Home. The T-stat used to this, now that option has been revoked. Please bring that function back and set it as an optional setting. Give a disclaimer when it’s selected if you need to…by all means even use a pop up that tells people that some people may get false detections and if so, they should just disable this feature and stick with the GPS option or something instead.


Please re-enable motion detection to change state from away to home state. User selectable option in settings to enable or disable this feature would be great.


It is crucial to keep the sensor based Away to Home, Home to Away switch. I use the WYZE thermostat in an AirBnB unit and I can’t force guests to use phonce geofencing.


This is yet another perfect example of the use of the function WYZE has disabled.
I just don’t get it.

Add to this, my interim process is to use people detect on a few outside cameras…this doesn’t work well at all.

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Please re-enable the features we bought the device for.


I have 5 zones of hot water heat. Three zones are mostly in ‘away’ (two in the basement, spare bedroom), Geofencing by cell is not a solution. I don’t need to turn on 5 zones of heat when I get home, I have a schedule for that.

Motion control is great for my application - when someone enters the area, the switch to ‘home temp’ does the job. This feature (now removed) was one of the reasons I went with Wyze. It can’t be that hard to create a ‘motion doesn’t turn on display’ toggle for those that don’t want to put a piece of tape over the motion sensor and restore the ‘motion switches to home’ function.

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Another thing I don’t get is, I just didn’t see many (any) complaints about this in the forums, yet this functionality was yanked without warning anyone.

I would have never…NEVER updated the firmware had I know this would be removed.

Still, adding this super useful functionality back seems to be taking an act of congress.