Wyze Thermostat - Control board not like installation guide

Here is what is in my thermostat.
I’m pulling the plate right now to see what is actually in the wall to answer your question fully

I think I see a blue wire back there image
If it is indeed a blue wire, then you see this blue wire back at your furnace that is wrapped around the thermostat cable? Unwrap it and strip the end and add it to wire nut number 1 (C). Then simply tell the wyze app that you have a C wire, and connect the blue wire behind your thermostat to C.


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EUREKA - look at that, a blue wire tucked away.

So what does that mean?

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just saw the rest of your reply. Will hook up the as per your instructions. Stay tuned.

You’ll want to cancel the current thermostat install and restart it and tell it you have a C wire.

All hooked up including the blue wire as a C wire. No power to the unit.
Breaker is back on.

did you hook up the blue wire in the furnace?

Nope - misunderstood the blue wire in the furnace part.
Only took the blue wire through the wall - I have not hooked up the blue wire inside the furnace as you instructed.

We seem to be in business now.

You have been incredibly patient and EXTREMELY helpful.

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