Wyze Switch - status light always on setting and other options

I would love to have an option to keep the Wyze Light Switch status light on all the time, or on between sunset and sunrise, so you can find the switch in the dark.

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It would be awesome to have the option to flip the status light so that it’s on when the switch is off and off when the switch is on. Alternatively, the status light could always be on. That way, in the dark with the lights off, you can see where on the wall the switch is.


Agreed with the status light being reverse to the current settings, or at least always on. I have a lot of TP-Link smart switches that do this and it helps to find the switch at night with the lights off.


I honestly don’t understand the reasoning behind the default status light behavior. Why do I need a status light to let me know when the switch is on? The bulbs already do that for me!

I would much rather have the LED tell me where I need to press when the lights are off and I can’t see a thing.


Wanting to enable the white LED to have option to be turned on when switch is off so it can be located when on the wall.


And under the “other setting options” I’d add the option of disabling the light while trying to reconnect to the Internet.

It’s the second time this week that my ISP drops (Verizon) during the night… the whole family is going nuts now because all the switches I installed started blinking fast and waking everybody up, and they won’t stop blinking until the connection is restored.

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Allow the little LED light to stay on when the Light Switch is turned off

You know what would be nice, the option to have the LED light on the Light Switch to stay on, or be a different color when the switch is turned off.

I find myself struggling to “feel” for the switch in a dark room. If it stayed lit, I could find it easier.

I’m sure this is a feature that can be updated or, perhaps, add the ability to change color in Version 2.0

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They shouldn’t even need votes to do this in a firmware upgrade. It would literally be one word of code. Should be done just as a matter of course.

Why not add it as a simple feature with on/off switch or call it night light mode. That way the user can choose to enable it or not

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I agree.

Please up the options similar to that the Meross options has.

In the Meross app, you can select to have the LED light on when the controlled light is on (Power Indicator Mode) or to have the LED light off when the controlled light is on (Night Light Mode).