Wyze Switch installation

Hello all. I am trying to install a single Wyze switch in a 3 gang box. The wiring on the existing switch is different from the Wyze documentation. It has 2 load wires and 2 line wires connected to the switch. One of the line wires goes to the adjacent switch in the gang so I am not concerned about connecting it in a like manner on the Wyze switch. The load wires concern me.

The Wyze switch has 2 holes in the back for load and line wires. Could I use these slots and connect the Wyze switch in the same manner as the existing switch? Appreciate any help on this…

So is that switch controlling two different lights at the same time? That’s what it sounds like. If so, you could probably just use some wire nuts to splice them appropriately, with single leads to the new switch.

Warning: just a guess and I am not a qualified electrician or anything close


Got it, thanks for the tip! I will look around the house to see if there are other lights/outlets controlled by that switch.

I got the switch working with this tip. I could not locate the other receptacle operated by the switch (will keep looking :slight_smile: ) but used the two load openings on the back of the switch for the two load wires.

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