WYZE SWITCH doesn’t reconnect to wifi

My WYZE switch qty 2 after I reboot my router don’t reconnect to Wi-Fi . I have to setup them each time. Is their a bug? All other WYZE devices reconnect and keep Wi-Fi settings.

Router reboot recovery may be dependent on your local network, but I don’t understand why you would need to setup any device over again.

As a test, I just rebooted my router, and my switch still works, no problem.

So confused about why you need to set the switches up again. At most you should need to re-run the Wyze app after your device (phone, tablet) reconnects to WiFi?

Note I did not have to do anything special on my iOS devices (other than wait for the router to return to service, tested by the ability of my personal computer to connect to Google again), but my Fire tablet did require a restart to see WiFi again. I see you are also using iOS, but I’d bet a more recent version than myself.

Another curiosity is why do you need to restart your router? I never have the need to do that unless I am applying a firmware update, which doesn’t happen very often.

So, there may be something that needs to be fixed here, but more info appreciated. :slight_smile:

@R.Good has been working with Wyze as he has issues with his switches staying connected to WiFi. It was indicated that Wyze is working on a FW fix for it. @R.Good, am I correct?

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Sounds good. I don’t reboot my router much but have to sometimes when 2.4ghz goes out to lunch. I will see if a update FW patch helps when released thanks

I suppose it’s possible the hardware is getting hung when the 2.4 GHz goes out to lunch? Best thing to do there is submit a log with that in the description when it happens. Maybe they can see something simple they can do to handle that situation. :slight_smile:

But you also may want to replace that intermittent WiFi source.

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I just ran into the same issue last night. I had a network outage due to local weather, and when the network came back online, the only Wyze device that would not reconnect was my newly installed Wyze Light switch.

The network is an Eero 6 Pro with a near directly line of site to one of the mesh base stations.

The status light on the light switch has been blinking repeatedly, and has been offline in the app / and in function since the initial outage in the night.

The network has been back online for about 8 hours, I’ve attempted a few system resets this morning, and still is unable to restore its connection.


Same here mine is a linksys net gear C7500 route and cable modem in one works great but reboot every few months and the switch recently installed won’t reconnect after reboot have to set them up as new when do.

Hi all. Yes this is an issue I am assisting Wyze engineers with in collected data to resolve.

Upon initial installation of 3 switches I was able to get them setup perfectly. After setup and ever since all 3 switches continually connect and disconnect to my network. This is not a network issue for me, my gang boxes are plastic and have a 3 bar connection, and none of my other 100 or so connectable Wyze devices are experiencing this issue.

I managed to get one switch updated to the latest 1.2.20 FW but the other 2 will not stay connected long enough to update and are still on 1.2.16. Which in hindsight I am sure assists with Wyze’s testing considering I am seeing the same issue on both versions.

I have been sending a fair amount of logs to the Wyze Engineer team and have been informed the switch PMs are actively working on a resolution.

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Interesting, I don’t have that firmware update available for my switch (I’ve only Installed 1 of 9 so far)

Currently running 1.2.19 as the latest upgrade that is listed as available.

Sorry, its a beta firmware.

Just got notification that the connection issue fix will be release with the next firmware update. I was not provided with a release date, but just that the fix will be in it!

Awesome thanks!

Awesome! Appreciate you updating this thread with that news. I have since installed 4 others, and have been enjoying them so far.

Had the same issue today. Reset the breaker and they came back online like nothing happened. Very convenient………