Wyze Switch - Additional action to "open" Wyze Garage Door Controller

Allow Additional Switch Controls to “Open” Wyze Garage Door Controller

You can Close with the additional switch controls, but not open.

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Great idea. :+1:

I’m not sure what this change requires on the backend. If this is a simple action addition, this wishlist request may get merged to “Add More Actions for Wyze Rules”.


Definitely want this as well. I have a disconnected garage so planned to pair this with a Wyze switch to open and close my garage door from inside the house. Had this setup previously with Insteon…but that’s done now.


We need a Wyze wireless switch and Wyze button clicker, that can be added to rules with additional IFTTT etc. support.

Add a switch in my bedroom to open front porch camera? Upgrade my stupid fan to a smart fan? I would easily buy 10+ each.

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Just adding my support to this. Was actually astonished this wasn’t available from the get-go.

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First thing I did was try to setup an open rule and there wasn’t an open option. Only reason I got it was for the automation of opening the door when down the street. I still have to carry the original remote for this. We ain’t got time to unlock the phone, open the app, find the camera and press the open button while driving. I feel like I just got scammed

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I’d love geofencing to open the door. Short of that, if they get voice assistant (Google, Alexa) commands working, I’d at least like the option to say, “Hey Google, open garage door one!”. That doesn’t work to date…

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Yes, 100% yes. I can close it on my watch but i want to be able to open it too. I get security is a concern, so make people opt in with a waiver. Let people choose what security level they think they need. I am 100% confident that if a bad person were to open my garage door and get in my house, my “back up alarm” (three 85-90lbs dogs) would quickly dispose of the issue.

I will also say thay MyQ’s removal of the ability to automate the opening of the doors is why i got rid of it. They promised it was temporary and that they were working on it…over 7 years ago.

Please please don’t be like the other companies telling us what security we need on our devices, and what functions we should be “allowed to utilize” for our own good. I hate that condescending attitude, which i got repeatedly from Chamberlain when i complained about losing the sole function i bought tt for.

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Also the garage door open close trigger needs to added as well. I would like to have outside lights turn on when the door opens.

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I just spent 30 minutes talking to Wyze support about this… They told me to open a Wishlist so here I am and noticed many others want this also.

They said it was for security reasons for geofencing. .I explained geofencing and a rule are way different features… When I come back from my walk daily I shouldn’t have to open the app and then open the camera then clicking the icon when I can just create a shortcut which still requires me to open the app to click the icon.

This should be a feature that the customer decides if they want to use or not.

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This is incredibly frustrating. Literally the only reason I bought this opener was so that the door would open when I get home automatically and I can’t program a rule to do that for “security”. Now I have to open my phone and navigate 5 menus deep to even get to the button to open it with the dumb app. This sucks, if I wasn’t to lazy to repackage it I would send it back and just use the regular button, it would be a lot easier.


I too want an open rule feature. I just installed the unit and it works great and was surprised this wasn’t an option…

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I agree. I have no problem reciting my Android 4 digit PIN to verify identity, but I’d really like to be able to open the door with a “hey Google” request. That would be especially nice for those of us who use Android Auto, or at least Google Assistant with the phone (with analogous consideration using IoS / Siri for iPhone users). Very big value add for customers, with virtually no cost added for Wyze. If there are concerns about security, simply make it optional with a heavy duty “customer takes full responsibility” disclaimer and customer acceptable dialogue to enable it. Lawyers make this kind of stuff feasible all the time. This CAN be done, legally, safely, with zero risk to Wyze. Really a shame Wyze isn’t being responsive about this.

Yeah I’m kind of sick of this nanny nonsense. We can click an agreement we accept responsibility. I want my garage door to open when I am driving home. That’s kinda the whole point of automation. Right now, there’s not even a way to put a button on the app much less use voice control.

And, no, I don’t want to be required to use a pin.