Wyze Sprinkler Controller - Outdoor enclosure

I like the Wyze Sprinkler controller but I have an exterior mounted system so I can’t use it. I either need an enclosure for the Sprinkler controller that I preordered or Wyze should make an exterior version.

I bought a 11 inch long plastic box for pencils and stuff…works just fine for exterior.

This is in development and has been moved to the Roadmap!


@WyzeKenny is right! We are working on the enclosure to address your specific need!


What’s the timeline for the enclosure? I already have the sprinkler and an open return for it but I haven’t sent it back yet. I’d rather keep it if the timeline is relatively short.


I just installed my new Sprinkler controller. Since my controller is outside, as is 99% of those in Arizona and Illinois. I had to buy a weatherproof enclosure. The Orbit Universal Cabinet worked great and is well built, albeit adding $40 to the overall cost. What market research told you that Sprinkler controllers were indoors???

However … on to my major fatal design issue …

The Sprinkler display is TOTALLY INVISIBLE in ANY sunlight. Even when manually shielding it from the sun the blue display is essentially unreadable! Terrible fatal flaw! Had I known this I would not have purchased the unit but now that I ripped out my old unit I am unfortunately committed. Did your product engineers and managers not field test the unit? The reason this is a fatal design flaw is when someone is working on an irrigation system to repair a leak (a very common problem) the repairman needs to be able to easily, reliably, quickly turn the leaking zone On and Off during the testing and repair process. Since you literally can not see the display there is no way to do this from the unit, only from the app, which the repairman doesn’t have. Not good,


Did you ever get a reply to this?

We’re working on it! And if you can, please respond to this poll about PVC pipe size:

We’d love to get your input :slight_smile:

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My existing pipe for cord is 1 inch.

Same 1", since I’m in AZ the pencil box sounds like it will work as an interim given little rain and it’s already relatively protected from elements.

Any idea when we might see this? I’m going to have to just use the old sprinkler controller soon. It’s about time to start watering my bermuda.

It will most likely be available in late May; bear with us!

What are the chances that early buyers could just get this for free since we were part of the day one buys and we still cannot use our sprinkler controllers if it’s replacing something outside? :)… which it seems like most may be.