Wyze Socks available through wyze.com!

I’ll play along…
Do they have RTSP? And do they work with Google?


Great… thread.


How about some underwear for those who want to be a Wyze a$$?


Wyze T-shirts :thinking:


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According to Instagram the next product they are going to launch (11/10) is going to suck.


Yeah, the AMA said the vacuum is launching before year end.


Caution, do not use that product outside.

Because nature abhors a vacuum.


If you look hard enough you might find a hockey stick version.

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I’ve been told that I’m a “Wyze-Guy”.

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@OceanDragon But your feet show they are Longfellow s

Employees keeping the new V2 designed socks with V3 cams, and V2 sensors for themselves and selling us the old version with all the out of date hardware on it…I see how it is :stuck_out_tongue:


Apparently you have a spouse and kids…landscape mode is called laying down and relaxing (then they’re horizontal)…you should try it, it’s way more awesome than portrait view!

(Don’t kill me…or show this to my wife… :rofl: I do have a spouse and kids that I LOVE…just having fun)

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Are they water proof? :joy:

Sorry, indoor use only unless you buy your own 3rd party enclosure like fisherman waders, then it works pretty well at staying dry from outside elements.

Though, keep in mind that those kind of enclosures sometimes increase the humidity from the inside elements (sweat) and the product might become saturated with liquid that way which can lead to undesired results (stink…not to mention constant dead skin being shed). Wyze will not be held liable for improper use…

What’s the shipping and handling cost for 1 pair of socks?

I can do with a pair!

I only wear socks that have a reliable wifi connection.

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Whoa Nelly! - there are some of us of size 14 EEE feet that might run into a similar problem. :slight_smile: