Wyze Socket Without Camera?

Hello! I’ve been excited to receive my Wyze Lamp Sockets which arrived today. However, I only wish to use the “smart” function of the switch and not add a camera, but this doesn’t seem possible? Can I install these sockets without a camera attached to them? I was trying to use these sockets to control my outdoor lights so they turn on and off at specific times. I’m bummed now.

It is also my understanding that they will not work without a camera, bad advertising on the part of wyze, as I was hoping for the same thing.

OK, I did more investigating and it looks like I’ll need to set up at least one Wyze cam and then I’m able to link all the others. Kind of a bummer cause I’m already loaded with cameras and they aren’t close to where I would use these sockets. Hmmmmm…guess I’ll install a camera and see how it goes.

Awesome!! Thank you! Yes, when you read through the advertising it makes it sound like it’s a smart socket, and adding the camera is a bonus, but not a requirement. I don’t really understand why there isn’t a way to install and use these without having to link a camera.

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So I’ve been messing around with this and I have a few complaints. First of all, it’s a socket which I’m using outdoors, but I have to use an indoor camera and not outdoor? Additionally, the included cable is very short and limits the positioning of the camera. I’ve purchased nearly every Wyze product, but this one is a miss.

Yea, I ordered a few to play and test with. However, the v3 Camera is an outdoor camera as well. This is the same camera on the spot light as well.

I would agree that the cable is a bit short, others were looking at how to extend it to make it more usable for their application of this.

Thank you for the reply! I guess I didn’t really realize the V3 was an outdoor camera since I have a half dozen of the rechargeable outdoor cams. I would think that you could still use a regular cable and it seems the included cable is encouraged for use since it creates a tight seal on the socket side. I may try to use a regular cable and see if that will work and then i could always use some sealant around the exposed area on the socket.

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Would be interested in how it works out for you.