Wyze Smoke/CO Detector

I also signed-up for the forums solely to make this request. Hoping for a wyze smoke detector.

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A simple first step alternative is for Wyze to use their existing alarm sound recognition technology (in the cameras) and create a plug in bridge. It could also be integrated in the other current bridges.
The new bridges could then be used for future wireless (preferred for me) detectors when developed.

Paul Vangrieken

It would have to meet the reliability requirements of a life-safety application.

Probably requires a peer to peer network, maybe a mesh network for more than two. Probably not wifi.

YES! My home insurance only went down $10 when I added Wyze burglar alarm but a fire alarm would make a significant impact. Since we all need fire alarms and home insurance the things will pay for themselves in a couple years even if they are $60 or $100 each. I’m not encouraging price gouging but there is defiantly a market here we’re missing.

Me too!

would love a combo smoke co2 detector so i can fully migrate off nest platform

Better yet: smoke/CO/explosive gas detector! A gas leak can destroy your home and/or kill anyone in it even faster than a fire.

Probably would need to detect LEL for both propane and natural gas, but I agree, those can be dangerous.