Wyze Smoke/CO Detector

Even further, I don’t think Wyze can claim a complete security system without a smoke/co detector. I’m assuming they’re planning a panic button…

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They already have a panic button in the beta version of the app (it’s called emergency button in the services tab). This sends a panic signal to a monitoring center. I think this will be incorporated into the Home Monitoring subscription


Me three!!!

The only things a smart detector adds, in my opinion, would be the ability to know WHICH alarm caused an activation in systems where multiple alarm sound together, and the option to silence a false activation remotely.

I can’t speak for Alexa, but my Wyzecam v2 does a good job of listening for and notifying me when I test my old school smoke detectors, including the one all the way across the house from it.

I would replace our current smoke/CO2 detectors with one of these that could tie into the home security feature set of WYZE.

I have a nest protect which is great for being a smart home smoke/co2 detector but the downside is they cost way too much in my opinion.

If Wyze decided to make something like this at a competitive price, hands down I would buy it.

Another cool thing I would expect from a Wyze Smoke detector is the ability to check up on these devices via the phone app.
1, Battery condition
2. Operating or not. Test operations functions.
3. What alarm is being triggered.
Another need that can’t honestly expect is an ability to configure for vape detection, Some ability to configure would make sense for different areas. A kitchen vs a bedroom might benefit from different levels of sensitivity. Obviously the minimum sensitivity would need to fall withing regulatory requirements.

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Hoping this will be moved to in-develope soon.only makes sense to make a smart home smarter. Especially since they already have HMS coming soon.

I currently have a service with large security company monitoring including smoke detectors. I would definitely switch to Wyze Home monitoring if you add smoke detector to it.

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This is a little bit off topic but, if you already has an existing alarm system installed and monitored by a company like ADT, it’s possible for to “take over” the system and self monitor it or switch to a cheaper monitoring company.

If you have a Honeywell system, it’s a fairly easy process.

Wyze already masters the alarm listing technology as used in the cameras. However, we cannot have cameras everywhere, i.e. a rented area in your home, Why not develop a simple alarm listing device. Another idea could be a motion detector combined with an alarm listing option. This way the home monitoring could be complete as it would work with standard off the shelf detectors that best fist the needs.

Also would be nice if we have home monitoring and when alarm goes off it triggers speakers in the smoke/co2 detector also

I realize the Wyze cams can alert for smoke/fire alarm sounds.
I have a rental property and would like a smoke/fire alarm or “listener” (as Ring has) as I do not want to put a camera in my tenants apartments.

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