Wyze Smoke/CO Detector

Another up vote for a dual sensor smoke plus Carbon monoxide detector that is interconnected wirelessly.

I just reviewed what’s on the market and trust your philosophical approach in making products will result in a superior result.

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I just wanted to upvote this topic… I think this would be a great addition to the Wyze ecosystem. Wireless Co + Smoke Detector integration with the app, and have it send push notifications, plus when one alarm goes off, have all the units alert. Have temporary muting buttons in the app or the units mute all. You could even have synergies with the new Doorbell chimes to alarm, and also offer a feature unlock Wyze locks for egress, also record events on all cameras in a selected group. Etc.

I know if there was a product on the market that was feature rich, reliable and reasonably priced, I’d buy one for every bedroom, the hallway that is outside the bedrooms, the stairwells, kitchen, basement, garage, etc. That’s 10 units alone just from one user. This seems like it could be a big seller for Wyze.


To do a Wyze Smoke Alarm like the one from nest it would be cool

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Please Wyze!! This would be a great addition and very popular.


I logged into suggest this !

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YES!!! This the reason I just joined this forum!
I would buy the sh#t out of some Wyze smart smoke/CO2 detectors!

Please Wyze… Make this happen :clap::clap: