Wyze Smart Window Shade Motor or Blinds

I have lots of shades in my home which I would like to automate. I see several smart controllers out there which can be added to existing shades. They just mount to the wall and turn the cord, but they’re all crazy expensive (Soma, AXIS, MySmartBlinds , et al.). It seems like all that is needed is a WiFi interface connected to a small motor. It shouldn’t be much more expensive than a Wyze smart light, yet no one is selling one for less than $149.

If Wyze could make one of these for <$10 I’d very quickly buy one for every shade in my home, and maybe convert some blinds to shades just so I could add more automation.


Yes this is such a needed item in the smart home space.


Absolutely, I can’t believe there isn’t a better solution out there for this! Even at $20 - 30 / device I feel like would still be reasonable. This seems like a perfect product for Wyze to stand out in the market with.

I imagine the governor needed to keep the motor from eventually burning out makes them expensive.

There aren’t any good cheap options for IoT blinds, Would love to see an inexpensive Wyze Blinds product. I assume it wouldn’t be much more than a battery-powered motor that would attach to any standard blinds.

Here’s an expensive version: https://cart.helloaxis.com/products/axis-gear

I’d be happy with an integrated smart wand that turns the blind slats and doesn’t fully raise or lower the blinds themselves.

We have cordless blinds so they don’t work with most of the expensive after market options out there. And after going to cordless blinds, which we are slowly replacing all blinds in the house with, I will never go back. With corded blinds I’ve had them rip out of walls, their anchors, or have the cord simply degrade and break one time to many.

If I could only control it through Google Assistant and the Wyze App I’d be happy, but if they came out with the ability to have them open or close based on sunlight, time of year, and/or temp that would put me over the moon.


Any chance you might look at bringing out blind motors for after-market install? Brunt, Tilt/MySmartBlinds and Zemismart are already in the space but I think it makes sense, if Wyze is to fill all the bases in a smart-home security & automation space.

Here’s what I’d like to see in such a module… I’d like it to be a module that mounts to the existing blind slat rotation wand connector - preferably with a drive pass-through for manual operation. So, you’d remove the twist wand that controls the blind slats, then connect the Wyze motor, then reconnect the twist wand to the bottom of the motor. Twisting the wand would still adjust the blind angle.

Motor would be powered by solar power since it’d always be near a window.

Solar panel power output could be used as a sensor for solar intensity.

In winter, could be set to maximize solar energy passing through the blinds to warm the room.

In summer, could be set to minimize solar energy passing through the blinds into the room, keeping it cool.

Blinds would regularly adjust as the sun moves across the sky to maintain the correct angle with the blinds.

Could be driven by Wyze cam detected brightness. So you could draw an area on the video and if the area brightened past a set threshold, the blinds would adjust to reduce the light in that area below the threshold - so you could, for example, control the intensity of light on a baby’s crib.

It could have a “partly cloudy” mode where the blinds would block out light during a period of direct sunlight, but open the blinds whenever clouds obscure the sun. So the blinds would only be closed when needed.

Should also have a night-time mode - where the blinds close for privacy when the interior illumination is greater than that of the outside (making it easy to see in the house - a “Close at Sunset” mode).

Another cool setting would be “Open at Sunrise”. So it’d detect sunrise and open the blinds to help get the day started.

Could also be controlled based on temperature and automated with Wyze switches and motion sensors (open the blinds when I enter the room, but close them otherwise).


After researching automated window treatment solutions and since you all are the masters of creating products that vastly undercut the market, I wanted to toss something your way as an idea. Considering that you already have motor control architecture in your pan/tilt cameras and the new Wyze Lock, how about automated roller blinds? They need a small motor to rotate the cable, which could likely be handled by a battery operated system and controlled via the app.

I mention this as other solutions sit in the $100 - $500 range which ostensibly appears to be your go-to when it comes to undercutting the competition.

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I like this idea – but they’ll need to implement localized sunrise/sunset scheduling first. :slight_smile: Haha