Wyze Smart Power Strip

Suggestion for a new device: Wyze smart power strip. Smart power strips exist but don’t come close to Wyze prices. Simple controls, on/off and schedules for each port. Add USB ports to make nerds happier.

Not the same thing, but just for the record, Wyze is currently developing a smart plug: Wyze Smart Plug.

Wyze also has a “dumb” power strip (surge protector) already available in the Wyze Shop: https://www.wyze.com/product/wyze-surge-protector/.

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Let’s get more eyes on this much needed project!

You’ve got my vote!

I would totally be into a smart power strip that would allow for either a master ‘on/off’ function or better yet…individual ‘on/off’ functions with power use monitoring in app. USB plug(s) would be a great add on as well.

Yeah, I’d basically like a string of the existing Wyze Plugs in a single surge protector. 4-6 outlets with a few USB ports. Each outlet would have its own triggers/timing in app.


AND - please make the plugs “remember” their schedule even if they lose the wifi connection (so one outlet could potentially cycle the power to your router).

Or an option in the app to “cycle power” - which would turn off any Wyze Plug/Power Strip for a set amount of time (like 2 minutes) and have it come back on - whether or not it has a wifi connection once it goes off.

I have about 14 smart plugs. 4 of these are plugged into a single surge protector. Would be nice to have a Wyze smart surge protector that has individual port controls. I control my entire TV entertainment center with a belkin surge protector with a remote switch that is next to the living room light switch. On my way into the living, I normally hit this switch to get my TV, sound system, HTPC, Raspberry Pi Game console all powered on. On the way out, I hit the switch to shut it all down. Now I can shut it all down while leaving the chromecast/speakers on for music settings with the wyze plugs. But it’s still an unnecessary amount of bloat and wifi connections :slight_smile:


I would buy this. It would be especially useful for home entertainment setups. Ideally, it should include surge protection and energy monitoring/reporting. With this feature, you could set up rules to turn things on and off when other things turn on and off. For example, I have LED bias lighting behind the TV. I’ve got it plugged into the USB port on the back of the TV, but since the TV remains on in low power mode when it’s switched off, the bias lighting stays on when the TV turns off. I have to manually turn it off with its own remote. If I could set a rule based on the power consumption of the TV plug, then this could automatically turn itself on when the TV turns on and off when the TV turns off.

This would be nice to save money on Wyze plugs, and be more convenient.

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I would definitely like to see a smart surge protector similar to this: Smart Power Strip TECKIN WiFi Surge Protector Works with Alexa, Google Home 3.28ft Extension Cord 4 AC Outlets and 4 USB Ports Multi Plug Timer Schedule (Upgrade) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WVP7JL4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_cv2eEbCDMK06Q obviously I know it exist I am just waiting for the day I can use ONE app for all my smart home things.

Keep up the great work wyze :+1:t4:

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To save money they could skip the surge protector. Most of the time, ESPECIALLY the affordable ones, the “surge protector” does nothing. It’s utterly useless and is more of false sense of security then anything else. I learned this the hard way after I lost my sound bar and Xbox1 power supply during a lightning storm. Once I ordered my new internal Xbox1 power supply, I read everything I could on surge protectors to find out why my $90 surge protector didn’t help and realized that its mostly marketing ploy. They start to become effective when you get to the UPS’s.

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I would love to see a power strip / surge suppressor. As a parent who has adopted children/teen from varying backgrounds - sometimes they get up in the middle of the night and watch TV programs that are questionable or off-limits. Being able to power off TVs and streaming devices after midnight would be nice.
It would also be nice to get an alert if “activity” (electrically speaking) is detected on those devices.

I could, and probably will, buy several Wyze or Z-wave outlet plugs - however a single 5 or 6 outlet strip would be simpler and more elegant.

There are already various WI-FI versions out there on Amazon. Keeping to the Wyze ecosystem would be nice.

YES there is a dumb surge suppressor and individual plugs from Wyze Labs - but that’s kinda clunky and an expensive way to keep everything “Wyze”

So come on! Someine needs to just bust out a soldering iron, bailing wire, and some duct tape and smash 'em them together?

How about a Wyze Plug in the wall socket, and a dumb power strip plugged into that? For electronics, I think you’d probably be well within the amperage limit.

I like the idea of electrical usage activity notifications. There’s a wishlist topic for plug energy monitoring feature here: Wyze Smart Plug Energy Monitoring Feature. I’d suggest making that suggestion as a comment on that topic.


It would be nice, though, to be able to control each socket individually.

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Adding my voice here. I have a smart outlet strip that I use for my 3d printers and it’s awesome. It would be even nicer if it was a wyze product. Make one you guys and I’ll buy two right off the bat, one for my home printers and one for my work printers.

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Power Strip that sends a text message and sounds an alarm if the power fails to it. It would be useful for refrigerators and other important devices that needs power. THank You!

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No reply form Wyze. I might have to buy a different brand. What did you get?

Does it text you or notify you if power is lost?

A multi-plug output would be really nice, especially where you can control each plug separately. We just put up a bunch of Christmas lights in our house. I’ve got one strand plugged into a Wyze plug, another strand plugged into that, another plugged into that, for a total of four all plugged into each other into the Wyze plug. Would be nice to have that be a multi-plug instead where I can turn them all on or all but one. (We have birds and the lights over the bird cage freaks them out when they are out of the cage, so we’d like that one off unless they are in the cage). I can think of other uses for this too. Thanks!


Is there any plans on making the a version of the Wyze Surge Protector, with internet connection capability. With each outlet having separate control. This would be help for items that need to be recharged, on a schedule to keep them in peek performance (i.e.: Battery jumper pack, Battery powered generator, cordless batteries for tools or controlling holiday lighting inside )

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