Wyze Smart Power Strip

Suggestion for a new device: Wyze smart power strip. Smart power strips exist but don’t come close to Wyze prices. Simple controls, on/off and schedules for each port. Add USB ports to make nerds happier.

Not the same thing, but just for the record, Wyze is currently developing a smart plug: Wyze Smart Plug.

Wyze also has a “dumb” power strip (surge protector) already available in the Wyze Shop: https://www.wyze.com/product/wyze-surge-protector/.

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Let’s get more eyes on this much needed project!

You’ve got my vote!

I would totally be into a smart power strip that would allow for either a master ‘on/off’ function or better yet…individual ‘on/off’ functions with power use monitoring in app. USB plug(s) would be a great add on as well.

Yeah, I’d basically like a string of the existing Wyze Plugs in a single surge protector. 4-6 outlets with a few USB ports. Each outlet would have its own triggers/timing in app.