Wyze Smart Plug

it probably would have an ON/OFF feature but it would be similar to the one on the cameras. so after you turn it “off” it still has a basic connection to receive the “on” command.

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I wasn’t going to post this because it’s a bit off topic, but since it’s being discussed…

I had the same issue with trying to figure out how to remotely restart the modem/router if there are internet troubles. I searched for a smart plug that would allow you to instruct it to turn back on in X minutes after turned off and do so without internet connectivity. I wasn’t able to find one. And even if I had, if the local internet were totally down, that wouldn’t help anyway.

However, I found this:

It monitors the internet connection and power cycles the attached equipment when connectivity failure is detected. I’ve had this for a year now and it works fantastically.


I disagree. The smart plug would interact instantaneously and within the same app. I’ve got 11 smart plugs already in 2 different brands and all run through Alexa, but it takes IFTTT to link them to WYZE sense. If WYZE had plugs and a video doorbell, all of my security gadgets would integrate seamlessly.

I have several kasa smart plugs and light switches already though… I think it would get kind of cluttered to have all the plugs and cameras in the same wyze app. Also, I wouldn’t want to replace the switches since they are working with well.

Looks like the plug is in development, I hope they come out with a switch that can be used to turn on/off their bulbs and/or plugs.

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Looks like someone spilled the beans.


Whoa! Wyze smart plug… :shushing_face::rofl: Looking forward to it.

I was just in Home Depot, didn’t see any yet :slight_smile:

This listing on the Home Depot website for the Wyze Plug shows this “Schedule appliances and lights to turn on/off at specific times of the day”. I’m sure they got that info from Wyze, so I’m hoping it’s correct. If it is correct and available once it’s sold (probably a few months from now), it’s sounding like we could use it for scheduling a reboot of a modem/router! woo-hoo!!

depends if the schedule is stored in the cloud or locally on the plug. i’m guessing it’s probably in the cloud.


Looks like your dream is coming true: Found on Reddit

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I wonder why the Wyze Smart plugs would preceed Wyze Outdoor Cam. This not a good strategy from a user perspective.

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i’d imagine they are much more simple for a company to stand up than a battery wifi camera. In theory, can recycle a lot of the bulb architecture since they’re basically an on/off only version of a bulb.


Interesting idea but isn’t the market now pretty saturated with smart outlets? I get 10-20 emails soliciting these a day.

I like the cameras. I think Wyze should keep moving on with that product and offer an outdoor/lower power/solar model.

Between Gosund, Teckin, Sonoff, etc, there are tons of smart outlets.

Maybe so, but I’m replacing all my smart plugs with the Wyze version

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I own a few of the EZOutlet 1 and 2. They are fantastic. I use them for some more critical control applications.

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They can work on multiple products at once. Wyze has said before they want to build a whole smart home portfolio.

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I just hope they fix whatever is making the light bulbs turn on by themselves. I am getting ready to unhook the 2 of mine that keep acting up. The other 2 are fine so far.

As far as the outlets they are probably the same as the others you already have. Wyze is using the Espressif module that most of the companies who use the Smart Life ap use.

That said, having them in the same ap would be a convenience.

I have a few different brands, smart life, wemo, tp-link. I’d prefer to have them all in one app plus I’m always a little leary of some of these Chinese companies.

What is the biggest applience that we can plug in?