Wyze Smart Plug

Would LOVE this… a reliable smart plug that is as easy to setup as the cams would be great!


I would love to have my current smart plugs/switches directly integrated with my Wyze products but would really love to simply have Wyze Smart Plugs/Light Switches instead. Better yet Wyze Smart Plugs/Light Switches with Wyze $ pricing!!! I have spent hundreds of dollars over the years in slowly making a lot of things smart / Wifi enabled in my home. I cannot redo this unless it is very cheap and worthwhile to do in terms of feature gain. Such an inexpensive / feature rich set of products from Wyze seems like a dream in the world of smarthome type of products, hopefully a reality one day. A couple of things that I want to mention; I have tried multiple brands of smart plugs and smart light switches over time and I have always found myself coming back to Wemo. This is because of the flexibility that their app provides in stacking multiple rules upon one another. A lot of other smart plugs/switches that I tried were much more limited in terms of what their app/software programming could offer. A couple things worth mentioning below for an upcoming Wyze Smart Plug / Light Switch:

  1. One example, if I want a plug/light switch to turn on and then off during certain hours on certain days of the week, most products can do this. However, if I want that same plug/light switch to also turn on and then off at a different time on the same day during the same days of the week, then most products fail to provide this capability within their app/software.

  2. Another useful feature is the ability to create/stack semi-automatic rules, if I turn this plug/light switch on then X minutes/hours later it turns off.

  3. Another useful feature is the ability to tell the plug/light switch to turn on 20 minutes after sunset and then off 30 minutes before sunrise.

  4. Grouping of plugs/light switches would be great as I have never had this feature. If you have a lot of the same brand of smart plugs/switches, it can be difficult to manually turn them all on/off without the ability to group them.

  5. For Smart Light Switches MAKE SURE there is a 3-way light switch option. It is always frustrating to invest in a brand of smart products then come to find out that the most useful place to have a smart light switch such as in a hallway, where 3-way light switches are common, cannot be done.


A Wyze plug would be nice, but if Wyze is going to stay closed walls with proprietary hardware, it also needs to build a robust rules engine.

I agree with @jeff007 ideas for programatic functions of both Smart Plugs and Switches. I’ll add this. When power is restored after a power outage, many smart plugs/switches return in an “off” state. It would be more helpful if they would return to the programmed state at the time of power restoration (i.e., whatever state the programming has for that day & time of day).

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One benefit to building a Wyze smartplug is that you could have more control on the app. If you plug a siren into that smartplug, for example, the Wyze app could give you a count-down before triggering the plug (to give you time to stop the siren from turning one). With Wyze sense making the notifications much more controllable than with the cameras, Wyze is now in reach of having the required consistency for a siren.

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Hello, All,

We really would love to have a Wireless Smart Switch Module to wire to different devices similar to the “Sonoff Basic”. Also not all the house bulbs are replaceable with “Wyze Bulb” (led strip, special lights, outdoor string lights, pendant)

This will open so many opportunities in a smart home.

Thank you for the great Wyze products.



I strongly believe that both formats of wifi switch are essential to convert a house to a smart house.

At the end of the day its important to be able to switch off all the house lights together, and having all the device in one wyze account is significantly important.


I just recently ordered my Wyze bulbs and am so excited about getting them set up with my sensors in a few areas. (i.e. when the garage door opens it turns on a light in the entryway and in a walk in closet when you open the door and turn on the light.)

My request for you all at Wyze is to develop a Wyze socket.

My reques arises from the fact that i am trying to reduce/remove all blue light from my house. I am a follow of Dr. Jack Kruse. He and I as well believe that the extreme amount of blue light we are exposed to is damaging to our health. So, I use low blue light emission bulbs. A socket would make those bulbs useable in almost every situation and being dim-able would reduce that problem even more.

Also a socket would make using a variety of different bulbs available, especially for mood lights in different colors. I often use both yellow and red light bulbs to help in EMF emission reduction.

Just a suggestion that I believe has some merit!

Thanks for the great products!!

Would love to see a wyze wifi outlet on the market to sync with all my wyze products


Don’t know if someone mentioned it yet. A great idea for a plug would be one that plugs in and had at least two outs on the sides. It would be like a T. This way the extra space it takes up can be saved by having the cords plugged into the side. Also, this would give capabilities as a mini splitter where you can control two outputs. If possible, a third one in the middle would be great too and be able to control up to 3 outputs.


It’s all about the eco system.
If they add smart plugs we all can dump our wemos and dlinks

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I currently use Kasa smart plug. It only has ON/Off feature. It would be nice the Wyze plug also came with Restart feature.
This feature would be so handy to reboot your modem/router when you’re on vacation. Just having On/Off won’t help because once you turn off the plug, there is no internet anymore to make the ON button work. So a restart button would turn off the power in the plug, but also bring it back on, thus reboot the modem.

I bought the Kasa plug that has On/Off only thinking I could reset the modem while on vacation. But, then realized can’t bring it back on because the modem is turned off.

You can have all the iOTs of the world for home security but if the modem clogs up two days after you go on vacation, it’s all useless!

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I have gosungs but they have schedules and timers. If kasa has that also maybe you could set it up to turn off then on again a minute later.

it probably would have an ON/OFF feature but it would be similar to the one on the cameras. so after you turn it “off” it still has a basic connection to receive the “on” command.

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I wasn’t going to post this because it’s a bit off topic, but since it’s being discussed…

I had the same issue with trying to figure out how to remotely restart the modem/router if there are internet troubles. I searched for a smart plug that would allow you to instruct it to turn back on in X minutes after turned off and do so without internet connectivity. I wasn’t able to find one. And even if I had, if the local internet were totally down, that wouldn’t help anyway.

However, I found this:

It monitors the internet connection and power cycles the attached equipment when connectivity failure is detected. I’ve had this for a year now and it works fantastically.


I disagree. The smart plug would interact instantaneously and within the same app. I’ve got 11 smart plugs already in 2 different brands and all run through Alexa, but it takes IFTTT to link them to WYZE sense. If WYZE had plugs and a video doorbell, all of my security gadgets would integrate seamlessly.

I have several kasa smart plugs and light switches already though… I think it would get kind of cluttered to have all the plugs and cameras in the same wyze app. Also, I wouldn’t want to replace the switches since they are working with well.

Looks like the plug is in development, I hope they come out with a switch that can be used to turn on/off their bulbs and/or plugs.

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Looks like someone spilled the beans.


Whoa! Wyze smart plug… :shushing_face::rofl: Looking forward to it.